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My Kansas City, MO criminal defense law firm affords clients the experience of a nationally recognized attorney willing to fight for them on state and federal court levels in misdemeanor and felony criminal defense cases, personal injury claims, and family law cases.

Taking a meticulous, open approach to helping you resolve your problems

Charged with a crime?

Best criminal defense attorney choice in Kansas City?

Mr. O'Connor has over 25 years of trial experience on complex cases.

The last thing you need is the haze of legal system jargon and steep attorney fees.

Use the best criminal defense and personal injury attorney in Kansas city.  As a Super Lawyers top-rated attorney in Kansas City, I pride myself on being a straightforward legal representative with strategies aimed at reducing the cost of protecting your freedom. Successfully defending hundreds of clients with stellar results!

Matt O'Connor is considered one of the best Kansas City attorneys, and listed in the top 100 trial lawyers in Kansas City, MO. The details of your case are laid out in frank language you can understand to aid your decisions about your future.  If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, personal injury attorney


or car accident attorney in Kansas City - look no further than The O'Connor Law Firm.  The best Criminal Defense Attorney choice in Kansas City!

The O'Connor Law Firm have 27 years experience working in Federal Criminal Charges in Kansas City including:

Asset Forfeiture | Banking Fraud & Insurance | Computer & Hacking | Conspiracy to Manufacture or Deliver | Federal Drug Conspiracy | Drug & Narcotics Charges | Drug Trafficking | DUI / Drunk Driving | Embezzlement & Counterfeiting | Extortion & Bribery | Felon in Possession of a Firearm | Juvenile Crimes & Charges | Mail Fraud | Money Laundering | Possession of a controlled substance | Perjury Charges | Robbery in First Degree | Robbery in the Second Degree | Much More!

There are a wide array of other criminal defense cases The O'Connor Law firm handles!

Matthew O'Connor also handle a wide array of personal injury lawsuit's in Kansas City including:

Car Accidents | Wrongful Death | Slip & Fall Accidents | Spinal Cord Injury | Vehicle Rollover Accident | Bus Accidents | Construction Accident | Motorcycle Accident | Nursing Home Abuse, Neglect  | Pedestrian Accident Injury | Semi Truck Accident | 18 Wheeler Crash  | Traumatic Brain Injury | Workplace Injuries | Wrongful Death | Much more!

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I've been called one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Kansas City

Know the Judges

A keen listener will find out what is important to the Missouri judge and find the best approach. I have a great rapport with most judges.


I represent you and your family as if it was my sister, brother or child in need. Aggressively assisting in family law and divorce scenarios.

Strategic Fighter

The system has processes and procedures that need to be managed with care and tact. Matt O'Connor is respected among his peers.


Mr. O'Connor gets to know the jury, has a knack for selecting the right people, and can craft a message that fits our case and your situation.

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I seek justice for clients facing legal dilemmas in criminal cases, personal injury disputes and family law & divorce proceedings. Learn more about my more than 25 years of court room experience.  Contact our Kansas City law office regarding your criminal or personal injury cases for a free consultation.

Fox News ChannelMatthew J. O'Connor became a featured legal commentator for Fox National News  speaking on such cases as the Anna Nicole Smith death, Duke LaCrosse Rape case and the Michael Devlin Kidnapping case. Matt J. O'Connor specializes in Kansas City Criminal Defense, Kansas City Personal Injury & Family Law cases.

Criminal Defense

Criminal cases take place on the federal and state levels. They include federal criminal defense, white-collar crime, and drug trafficking and drug conspiracy charges.

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Personal Injury

Car accidents, slip and falls, wrongful deaths--you could suffer a debilitating or distressing circumstance affecting your life. I can help restore your life.

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The legal process after marriages fall apart can be long and emotionally distressing. If divorce is on your horizon, read more to understand your options.

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Family Law

I team up with clients and consider their unique needs when it comes to child custody, guardianship, and division of assets.

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Kansas City

The O’Connor Law Firm handles personal injury lawsuits & claim representation for clients in the Kansas City metro area, including Shawnee, Lenexa, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Mission, Liberty, Northern Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Kansas City, KS.

It takes the negligence of one person to change the direction of your life. Whether it’s your fault or that of another, you must seek the counsel of a injury attorney in Missouri before you take another step. Without proper legal guidance, you could find yourself overwhelmed by unforeseen circumstances, such as an injury inhibiting your ability to work and feed your family.

As a  personal injury attorney in Kansas City, Matthew J. O'Connor has a wealth of experience, both in and out of the courtroom. He has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for his clients, and he will fight hard to win your cause.

His extraordinary skills and legal expertise in Kansas City personal injury cases has resulted in many successes for his clients.  When it comes to personal injury, he knows that improving his clients lives and getting the compensation they deserve is his job, and he will work on your case to get the outcome you deserve based on his decades of experience in the court room.

Countless individuals face these uncertainties each day, but it takes seasoned legal expertise to clear up matters. My record shows I have recovered millions of dollars for clients in similar situations to yours. Your case could be worth more than you know if you do not contact me.

Criminal Defense Felony Case Breakdown

Arson in the 1st Degree | Burglary & Larceny | Conspiracy to Manufacture | Drug Offenses & Narcotics Charges | Marijuana | Prescription drugs | Cocaine | Methamphetamine | Heroin | Extortion & Bribery | Felony Crimes & Charges | Forgeries & Identity Theft | Manslaughter & Murder (1st Degree) | Tax Evasion / IRS Tax Legal Defense

No cookie-cutter approach to your injury case

I offer custom representation for burn victims, families suffering wrongful deaths, and other distressing legal matters requiring my experience. I get ahead of your opponents by throwing out the legal mold and presenting solutions based on compassion and innovation. If you’re stuck on your back due to a Kansas City car accident or premises liability issue, we’ve been known to bring our office to your home or hospital bed. It just takes a phone call and a will to share your story with me.

Whether you or a loved one have been in a Car Accident, Vehicle Rollover, Slip and Fall Accident, 18 Wheeler Collisions, Motorcycle accident, obtained Spinal Cord Injuries, Back and Neck Injuries from a crash, or suffered any injuries due to the accidental or purposeful carelessness of others (or many more types of injuries), contact The O'Connor Law Firm immediately for a free consultation. We also handle cases helping family members of those involved in Wrongful Death tragedies.

2 decades of Kansas City criminal defense experience

When it comes to Kansas City criminal defense, Matthew J. O'Connor delivers a level of quality, care and personal attention that you likely won't receive from any other law firm. If you need a Kansas City criminal defense attorney to aggressively defend you, Mr. O'Connor possesses the experience and qualifications needed to win your case. Your life and freedom are at stake when charged with a crime, so you must choose the lawyer that will deliver results from a proven track record.  Matthew O'Connor has served as a professor of the law of evidence, which goes to elaborate on his level of knowledge and skill. 

The O’Connor Law Firm has extensive experience and great success in the area of Federal criminal defense. The Federal court system requires an attorney with a much higher level of skill and experience due to the nature of federal defense cases. Whether you are facing Federal Drug Charges or have been charged with a White Collar Crime, such as money laundering, embezzlement, forgery, mail fraud, internet crimes / hacking, fraud, bank fraud, identity theft & forgery; Mr. O'Connor has the experience to fight for you!

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