The 3 Essential Elements to a Successful Personal Injury

The 3 essential elements to a successful personal injury case are:

  1. Liability (the other party is at fault. For example, they rear ended you at a stop light);
  2. Damages (serious injuries with extensive medical bills); and,
  3. Deep pocket (usually insurance coverage).

Research shows that injured parties receive three and a half times more when represented by an attorney.

If you are injured in Kansas City, Clay County, Jackson County, Platte County, or Lafayette County- trust the experience of 23 years of practice with a six-time Super Lawyer Honoree. When you hire Matt O'Connor, you get him, not a first year, wet behind the ears attorney. He treats each case is if it were his own family member and that is why he receives 5-star reviews from his clients.

Remember, speak with Matt O'Connor, Kansas City Attorney, before you talk with the responsible party's insurance company. Matt will take your case on a contingent fee which means that unless there is a recovery, you don't pay a nickel!  Matt will take your case on a contingent fee. That means he will only get paid if you have a  recovery on the case. Contingent fee cases allow people to have a lawyer where they otherwise might not be able to afford one, especially a good one.  

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