59-year-old Blue Springs Man Dies as a Result of Car-Motorcycle Accident

None of us know when an accident is just around the corner; after all, we can't control other motorists and whether they are operating a vehicle while distracted or under the influence, or driving too fast for weather conditions.  Accidents happen; it's a fact of life, even when drivers are paying close attention to the roadways.

Recently a 59-year-old Blue Springs, MO man lost his life in an accident while riding his Harley Davidson in the area of the south junction of Route 58 on Highway 291.  Farren Boley died after his motorcycle collided with a Ford Focus that merged from the left lane as he was traveling in a northbound direction according to Missouri State Highway Patrol.  Upon impact with the Ford Focus, Boley's motorcycle struck another vehicle that was at a stop and traveling in a Westbound direction after Boley was ejected from his bike.  The driver of the stopped vehicle was a 24-year-old Peculiar, MO man who was not reported to have been injured.

Boley was declared dead after being transported to Research Medical Center in Kansas City.  News reports indicate the Ford Focus crossed into the path of Boley's motorcycle, causing him to be thrown from the bike.

Many people believe that in accidents involving motorcycles, it is usually the fault of the motorcyclist.  In fact there are many accidents in which other motorists are to blame as they do not survey their surroundings carefully and fail to see a motorcycle in their vicinity.  In other situations, those driving traditional vehicles believe for some reason they have more "rights" on the road than those who choose to drive motorcycles.

In the event Boley had not died in the accident but had sustained serious injuries, the medical costs would likely have been overwhelming.  Experienced personal injury lawyers in Kansas City realize the costs go far beyond medical.  Many victims lose their income because they cannot work, or face long-term treatment or even permanent disability.  The impact on the entire family can be devastating.

In cases such as this where a person dies because of another motorists negligence, surviving family members often choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to recover financial damages.  Families can often recoup the costs of funeral, burial, lost income, even medical expenses incurred prior to death.  While no amount of money can replace a human life, those who are careless should be held liable for their actions.  


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