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January 19, 2010

Accused of Embezzlement? A Reputable Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

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If you have been accused of embezzlement federal crimes, you need representation by a reputable Kansas City criminal defense attorney.  This crime has many consequences; not only may you face jail time and huge fines, your reputation may be ruined forever.  This is serious, so you want a lawyer who knows the law and can effectively support your best interests.

Embezzlement is any type of illegal appropriation of money or other items that are of value that you have been trusted to manage or watch over.  Frequently, employees at banks and other financial institutes are caught embezzling.  If you have used someone else’s property or money for your own personal gain or misappropriated funds, you may be guilty of embezzlement.  A Kansas City criminal defense attorney can help significantly improve the outcome you may be facing.

Other than jail time and stiff fines, you may be facing community service, restitution and even probation.  If what you have embezzled was relatively small, a qualified lawyer may be able to arrange alternative sentencing.  Sometimes, crimes like these are all over the media – especially if it involves well known people or corporations.  An experienced and well seasoned Kansas City criminal defense attorney can help minimize the exposure and keep knowledge of your case to a minimum, so that you might be able to avoid personal and professional damage.

Embezzlement can be something as simple as an employee taking money from a petty cash box, or activities that are much more substantial.  In most states, it is considered a felony offense and is taken very seriously, with fines often being equal to the amount that was embezzled, along with prison time.  Any criminal charge is frightening, and you most likely don’t know what is facing you.  What will happen to your family?  There are many questions to be considered, and you should be made aware of what will take place.

An aggressive Kansas City criminal defense attorney will examine all of the evidence, and devise the best plan of action for you.  You don’t know what your future holds, but a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the law who is cutting edge can produce outstanding results.  Don’t leave your future in the hands of just anyone – choose a lawyer who is known for reaching successful verdicts!

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