Burns & Explosions

Has yourself or a loved one been injured from burn injuries or explosion in Kansas City?
Hire a talented Personal Injury Attorney

Burn injuries that are caused by explosions, chemicals and fires can leave you with serious pain, permanent scarring and even emotional trauma. At Kansas City’s O’Connor Law Firm, our burn injury attorneys work aggressively on behalf of those injured by fire or explosions, providing strong legal counsel and guidance to those who are the victims of these often life-altering injuries. Unfortunately, insurance companies, product manufacturers and others tend to blame these types of accidents on the individual who was injured; a compassionate burn injury lawyer will work to protect your rights and seek the justice you deserve.

You may have suffered injuries during a gas explosion. Whether there was an incident in your home involving natural gas or a propane tank, it does not necessarily mean that you are to blame. Defective products such as valves, seals and gas lines along with technicians or installers who are negligent can lead to serious or even fatal injuries. A trusted burn injury attorney will work on behalf of those injured by fire and/or explosions, doing whatever is necessary to prove the guilt of those negligent parties.

Whether you are injured by fire or an explosion in the workplace, a car accident, industrial area or even at home, you have rights. You may feel certain that the fault lies with another party, that someone’s negligence caused the accident. Burn injuries are some of the most serious of all, often requiring numerous surgeries, painful skin grafting and years of medical care. Our Kansas City burn injury lawyers work tirelessly investigating the details, interviewing those who witnessed the accident, and doing whatever is necessary to ensure that you are fairly compensated for what you have been through.

Insurance companies are notorious for minimizing claims or denying payment. Our skilled Kansas City burn injury attorneys know how insurance companies work, and what lengths they will go to when you seek compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Whether the responsible party is a manufacturer, the company you work for, or a technician or other professional working for a company, you deserve justice. When you contact The O’Connor Law Firm, you can count on a trusted Kansas City burn injury lawyer to provide aggressive legal counsel and effective litigation skills for those who are injured by fire or in an explosion.

When you are injured by fire you need a law firm which is caring and compassionate, one who will work hard to secure the compensation you are entitled to. Medical bills, future medical expenses and lost wages are just a few of the things that can be financially devastating. We are on your side, by your side. The lawyers at The O’Connor Law Firm are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for our clients.

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