Can a DUI Affect Your Custody Case?

Anyone who is a DUI lawyer knows that legal issues often overlap one another. Such is the case with a person who is divorcing and has a DUI in their background. It’s the job of the DUI lawyer to help advise their client about how this history may affect their custody case.

Custody issues are nearly always complicated, and a DUI only makes the situation more difficult. Depending upon the circumstances, a DUI may cause a judge to recommend that the other parent get sole custody or it may simply affect certain visitation conditions. A DUI can have wide ranging effects on the future. From being barred from seeing your children as often as you wish to having to submit to supervised visitation, a DUI may lead to severe limitations.

DUI Charges and Custody

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A number of factors will determine whether or not, and to what degree, a DUI affects custody cases. A DUI lawyer can provide counseling regarding how to handle DUI charges. If a case is currently pending, a DUI lawyer may be able to get them reduced to a misdemeanor or even dismissed. Though the arrest is still of record, a case that is reduced or dismissed is only likely to help your situation.

If the charges are relatively old, then it can be difficult to say how much they will affect a custody case. A DUI lawyer can take a look at the circumstances and provide an opinion about whether or not DUI charges from several years ago are likely to be relevant. Someone who was arrested a decade ago and has never been in trouble since may not see much relevance to their custody case. However, in acrimonious divorces, a mistake made years earlier can cause a major headache.

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A good DUI lawyer can also work in tandem with a divorce attorney to handle current charges. With input from both attorneys, it’s possible to craft approaches that respond to custody issues and DUI charges. Matthew J. O’Connor has been recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the U.S and he can help to make sure you’re protected. Call (816) 842-1111 to set up a consultation.

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