Can You Be Charged with Drugged Driving?

A number of substances may affect a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Most people realize that drinking and driving is a risky choice, but driving after taking any kind of drug can also be hazardous. Whether you are arrested for drinking and driving or being under the influence of some other substance, a DUI lawyer can provide assistance.

How a Skilled DUI Lawyer Can Help

Experienced DUI Lawyer in Kansas City

An experienced DUI lawyer knows that not all DUI arrests involve alcohol. In fact, some involve only drugs or drugs in combination with alcohol. The charges, and the potential consequences, remain the same. That means even if you only had a prescription drug in your system at the time of your arrest, you could still be facing serious DUI charges.

The reality of the situation is that any substance that you ingest that may affect your ability to safely drive can give the police cause to charge you with DUI. Even if you were prescribed a medication and took it in accordance with a physician’s instructions, you could still be charged with DUI if the police believe that your ability to drive was impaired.

Get the DUI Defense You Need

Regardless of the substances that you may or may not have ingested prior to your arrest, you need the counsel of a competent DUI lawyer. The consequences are serious and long term. Depending upon the charges, you may be looking at imprisonment and substantial fines. Perhaps you may also be required to enter a drug treatment program or perform community service. Moreover, having that DUI on your record can adversely affect your life many years from now. You definitely need a reputable DUI lawyer on your side.

An experienced DUI lawyer understands the consequences you’re facing and will do everything within their power to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed. Several defenses are available for people who have been arrested for a DUI involving drugs. Your situation is not hopeless. Take the first step by contacting a DUI lawyer.

Partner with an Experienced Law Firm

The O’Connor Law Firm provides the skillful protection you need if you’ve been charged with a DUI. Matthew J. O’Connor has been recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the U.S and he can help to make sure you’re protected.

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