Current Divorce Trends

Anyone who works as a divorce lawyer knows that divorce goes through trends just like fashion, politics and pretty nearly everything else. Divorce trends are not as obvious to the average person, but a divorce lawyer grows to become intimately familiar with them. Here are a few trends that any divorce lawyer has probably been noticing lately.

Divorce Lawyer: Examining the Latest Trends

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Divorce rates are actually decreasing, but it’s not necessarily because people are getting along better. It’s because fewer people are deciding to get married in the first place. With living together on a long term basis becoming socially acceptable, a larger number of people are opting not to say “I do.” Analysts think that marriage is becoming more of a rarity because modern women are more independent and better educated than ever before. Simply put, they aren’t forced into marriage in order to find economic security. Of course, some of these long term relationships don’t work out, but the couple won’t typically need a divorce lawyer when this happens.

A 21st century divorce lawyer has probably also noticed that women most often initiate divorces these days. Statistics suggest that about 2/3 of all divorces in the U.S. are initiated by women. Again, much of this is the effect of the greater independence of women. As a divorce lawyer, I can attest that men aren’t always willing to separate, even if some of their behavior indicates otherwise. Women are more likely to initiate proceedings because they reach their limit of bad behavior on the part of their husband, particularly when it begins to affect their children.

Many people are also getting divorced later in life. The modern divorce lawyer has named this trend the “grey divorce.” With life expectancy on the rise, perhaps people just are not looking forward to spending their golden years with the same person. Additionally, it’s more acceptable for women to live independently, which might explain why some older women are choosing this route.

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