Expungement of Marijuana Cases, Kansas City MO

Starting January 1st of 2018, you are able to expunge past marijuana convictions.  You must meet eligibility requirements to remove these marijuana convictions.  There are exemptions to the rule and this includes violence, sex crimes and intoxication offenses. 

Please review the law carefully to see if you are eligible, or contact our marijuana expungement legal team to find out whether you can clear your name! 

If your habits show that you are not a threat to the public and the judge believes you are eligible.  

Previously marijuana expungement cases in Kansas City, Missouri required you waited 10 years for misdemeanors and 20 years for felony charges.  Now, the wait time has changed to 7 years for felony marijuana convictions and 3 years for misdemeanors which is a vast improvement.  The idea behind this law change is to assist individuals that made a mistake and have had a clear record since their conviction.

The O'Connor Law Firm can petition the courts to obtain expungement on your behalf.  Additionally, our law firm will be able to give you a good idea of whether it is worth pursuing in your situation.  To move forward, please contact The O'Connor Law Firm at 1-816-842-1111.  Following initiating the marijuana expungement process, you will be required to provide fingerprints at the time of application.  Once this application is submitted, the prosecuting attorney or circuit attorney will be notified of your request to expunge your marijuana conviction. The prosecutors office has 30 days to file an objection, at that point a hearing within 60 days of the petition being filed with the courts. 

Learn More about 2018 Expungement Laws in Kansas City

At the hearing, the prosecutors and court will review your record and see if you are in fact eligible.  If you meet the requirements and don't have any current pending charges, the court is more likely to grant your petition.  If you currently have pending charges or other convictions, your eligibility is lower or not possible (depending on the charges).  Additionally, its favorable if you have already paid all your fines in full. 

If your request is granted, the court will file a motion to expunge your record and will notify all applicable agencies that your record is expunged.

If you are interested in clearing your name, please contact the O'Connor Law Firm today for a phone evaluation to see if you are eligible to apply.  You can also call 1-816-842-1111!

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