The Five W's: Questions You Must Ask Your Kansas City Auto Accident Lawyer

There are more than 1.34 million attorneys practicing in the U.S. today. As a result, it can make it extremely challenging to choose the right auto accident lawyer for your case.

The good news is, you don't have to struggle with this important decision. Instead, use the questions here to make sure the right auto accident attorney is found and hired. Doing so will help you maximize the settlement you receive.

First, make sure if you are unsure of fault - NEVER admit guilt.  Also, take a LARGE number of pictures. Now, let's get into the blog post!

Who Is Going to Handle Your Case?

One of the first things to ask any personal injury attorney you are thinking about hiring is, "who is going to handle your case?" In many situations, junior lawyers and legal staff handle most of the "legwork."

This is completely fine; however, your attorney should provide you with a contact person. This is who you come to with your questions and for updates.

What Should You Expect from Your Case?

If you have never been in an auto accident, and if you have never needed the services of an attorney, then knowing what to expect is confusing.

Your attorney should be able to provide a brief timeline of what to expect, what will happen, and how long the case will take. While there are never any definite outcomes in legal cases, a good attorney can provide a general idea of what to expect.

When Will You Receive Your Settlement?

The ultimate goal of any auto accident case is to receive a settlement for the injuries and damages you suffered. While there is no concrete answer to when you will receive it, an experienced attorney can provide a generalized timeline.

They should also be able to provide an estimate of how much you can expect to receive. This won't be concrete, but attorneys have formulas they can use to determine this.

Where Do You Stand in Terms of Success?

How successful is the attorney? This is a crucial question and one you can't afford to not ask.

How many cases has the attorney worked on successfully? What type of settlements have they helped their clients achieve in the past? All this information is pertinent to finding the right attorney to defend your case.

Why Should They Be Hired?

This is going to be the most telling question and one that needs to be offered during the consultation. The attorney needs to provide a strong, compelling answer to this. If they can't, it is likely time for you to continue the search.

Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer: Know Before You Go

If you are ready to hire an auto accident lawyer, then asking the questions here will help you choose the right one for your case and needs.

Finding the right lawyer is dependent on your research skills and ability to uncover who's right for your case. If you are ready to speak with a quality, experienced legal team, contact us today.

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