Guardrails and Unfortunate Car Accident Deaths in Missouri

While guardrail ends are designed to provide additional safety and "cushion" in the event of an accident, it seems they're costing motorists their lives instead, even in the Kansas City area.  Just two months ago an Overland Park man was traveling Interstate 70 headed to Cincinnati for a work meeting when his vehicle left the highway and struck a guardrail end.  Unfortunately, he died when the guardrail end impaled him.

George Jansen was just 59 years old and left behind three children.  While it isn't known why his vehicle veered from the roadway, what is known is that several others have lost their lives in accidents involving the same guardrail end across Tennessee, Virginia, and Missouri according to news reports

Personal injury attorneys know that when a product is unsafe or does not work in the way it was intended leaving innocent people injured or even killed, it often results in lawsuits.  In fact, in 2015 one company who manufactures similar guardrail products was ordered to pay $663 million in damages after being found responsible in an accident similar to the one described above.

In recent years there have been several lawsuits filed not only against makers of guardrails, but cities, counties, and states as well.  These lawsuits correctly claim that the defendants knew or should have known there was a problem with the guardrails and end terminals.

Nothing is more devastating than the loss of life, and no amount of money can replace a human or the love and companionship for survivors.  However, it is critical to hold manufacturers and other parties liable for their negligence.  In cases where a person is severely injured but not killed, the medical expenses, loss of income, and other costs can be overwhelming and in many cases life-changing.

Anyone who is injured or killed because of the negligence of another person, manufacturer, property owner, or other party must take action immediately in order to protect your legal rights and secure the damages you deserve.  Contact an experienced, aggressive Kansas City personal injury attorney who will handle the legal issues as you focus on recovery. 


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