Have you been accused of Arson in Kansas City, Missouri?

If you find yourself facing charges of arson, the penalties are often severe. You may be facing many years in jail in addition to hefty fines. In the event that someone died because of your actions, you may possibly be facing manslaughter charges. A reputable Kansas City arson defense attorney with years of experience under his belt will assure that you get treated fairly, and that the outcome is the best possible.

When you find that you are facing arson charges, you will likely be very frightened. You don't know what your future holds, or what to expect in court. The future of your family is a great concern. The O'Connor Law Firm employs a team of professionals who have unparalleled insight into every aspect of criminal law, including arson. Our vast knowledge of how prosecutors work enable us to fight aggressively against them, so that we can secure your future.

Any time a fire occurs, insurance investigators can be quick on the draw to point their finger at the property owner. When you find yourself in this situation, you need guidance and someone with the skills to successfully represent you. A reliable Kansas City arson defense attorney will build a tough case against the prosecution, which often means bringing in independent fire investigators, crime scene experts and other professionals.

Are you frightened, and feel that you have no where to turn? If you have been accused of arson, do not delay. The O'Connor Law Firm is prepared to go the distance, to make certain that the outcome for you is the very best possible. When your future and the future of your family is in question, the right Kansas City arson defense attorney is aggressive, ruthless and will not rest until you get justice! Protect your rights and your future - contact us at once.

Matthew J. O'Connor and his team of caring, knowledgeable and experienced law professionals are dedicated to winning your case, and go that extra mile to insure that they do.

At the O’Connor Law Firm, we handle every case as if it were our only case…because to you it is.

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