Horrific Branson Missouri Duck Boat Capsizing Claims Lives of 17 or More

Today, we have somber hearts for the loss of life and wrongful death incident that occurred in Branson Missouri.  Our minds and grief are with the families of those involved in this horrific incident.  The loss of life includes precious children and families.

Unfortunately there are situations in life that are beyond control. However, many times there are situations that could have been prevented (such as this).  We have come to see just how unsafe these amphibious boats can be during a storm situation.

The loss of life was unfortunately unnecessary and many of these life losses could have been prevented.  Unfortunately being in a vehicle where exiting is extremely difficult and the buoyancy under duress is very unstable is a major issue that was overlooked.  If individuals on these vehicles were allowed easy exit of the vehicle with proper safety or life vests, the death toll would have likely been dramatically less.

If you have lost a loved one on these duck boat tours, you will need to consider contacting a wrongful death lawyer in Kansas City to evaluate this loss of life.  As more information becomes available, more will be known about the parties that can be held accountable.  The company, manufacturer of the boats and any improper agencies licensing these vehicles may have liability in this case.

Once again our hearts go out to these individuals involved in this terrible incident and we pray the survivors and surviving family members can properly manage these traumatic times.

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