How to Avoid a Holiday DUI

The holiday season is a time to gather with friends and family. Overeating is a part of the tradition, and so is drinking. Unfortunately, the work load of a DUI lawyer goes up as a result of these traditions. Too many people get caught drinking and driving, and this can keep a DUI lawyer busy for months.

DUI Lawyer: Avoiding Charges

DUI lawyer in Kansas City

DUI Lawyer in Kansas City

Anyone who works as a DUI lawyer repeatedly sees bad situations that could have been avoided if a few simple tips had been followed. Take some free advice from a DUI lawyer to avoid facing charges this holiday season.

Perhaps the best piece of advice that a DUI lawyer can offer is to just avoid drinking and driving. If you’ve had anything to drink, simply don’t get behind the wheel. The police tend to be overzealous during the holidays, and the commonly used methods for testing sobriety have been known to fail. Don’t trust that you are under the legal limit and have nothing to worry about. Field sobriety tests may say otherwise.

Calling a cab is one of the easiest methods that a DUI lawyer knows of to avoid DUI charges. If you don’t want to call a cab, then call a friend or appoint a designated driver to get you home. All of these solutions are far less expensive and dangerous than drinking and driving.

Make certain to keep your car running optimally. This means ensuring that all exterior lights are working properly. Many DUI charges start out as a driver being pulled over because of a burned out turn signal. It’s essential to obey all signs, stick to the speed limit and use turn signals. Obeying the rules of the road minimizes the excuses an officer can use to pull you over.

As a DUI lawyer, I meet too many people whose lives are affected by drinking and driving. If you follow the above tips, it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself in a similar situation.

Consult with a Skilled DUI Lawyer

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