How Can A DUI Affect Your Employment Opportunities?

Being charged with a DUI can have far reaching consequences, most of which the average person may not even be aware of. Most people understand that they may be facing fines, community service or jail, but they do not realize that their future employment prospects may be changed as the result of a DUI.

What You Need To Know About DUIs And Your Career

Kansas City DUI Lawyer

DUI lawyer can help clients understand precisely which consequences they may be facing. Any present or future employment that may require driving, the use of a company car or interaction with minors may be adversely affected by a DUI. Fortunately, a DUI lawyer may be able to help clients open the door to employment opportunities that might not otherwise be available.

For instance, a DUI lawyer can help clients to clear their driving record. Each state sets its own laws for clearing a DUI, and a DUI lawyer is definitely the person to ask about requirements for a specific state. In some states, a DUI arrest charge can be expunged. In other cases, a DUI lawyer can help their client enroll in an education course that highlights the dangers of drug and alcohol use. Providing proof of completion of this course to an insurer and the state DMV may help to clear the driver’s record.

Some states also clear a driver’s record after a number of years. Seven to 10 years is a common timeline, and a DUI lawyer can help clients understand whether or not this will happen in their state. Some states that allow charges to be automatically expunged may be persuaded to allow this to happen early, but the advice of a DUI lawyer is definitely necessary in such a case.

It’s also important to realize that some DUI charges cannot be cleared in some states. Particularly severe cases involving manslaughter or felony drug charges may not be able to be expunged.

Protect Yourself with an Experienced DUI Lawyer

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