Information if You Are Facing Prosecution for a Federal Crime

      First, let’s explain the structure of the federal courts system.  The Courts in Kansas City are comprised of two federal courts.  In Missouri, it is the Western District of Missouri.  That just means that the Court is a District Court and the area that it covers includes the entire western half of Missouri including counties such as Clay County, Platte County, Jackson County, Buchanan County, Andrew County, Cass County, Ray County and Lafayette County.   The District Court of Kansas covers the ENTIRE state of Kansas and each county in Kansas.

A felony is not necessarily a federal court charge.  You can commit a robbery and be charged with a felony in the State Courts.  A few examples of federal crimes (and when you need to search a highly rated and skilled federal criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City), would include:

  1. Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine, Marijuana, or other controlled substances such as LSD, Heroin, or methamphetamine;
  2. Conspiracy to Defraud the Government;
  3. Embezzlement;
  4. Arson;
  5. Drug Trafficking (Drug trafficking is the act of importing or exporting illegal substances for the purpose of public distribution and sale.  This can include cultivation and manufacture of substances that are subject to laws of prohibition)
  6. Computer and/or Wire Fraud;
  7. Murder; and
  8. Gun Crimes or weapons and firearms crimes such as a felon in possession of a firearm. Gun Crimes – possession of gun by convicted felon – Gun crimes include, but are not limited to the unlawful injury of killing of another person with a firearm.  Other aspects of gun crimes are unlicensed possession, concealment of a firearm, or the possession of gun by convicted felon.

Other examples of possible charges for federal crimes in Kansas City would include activities that impact “Interstate Commerce what that means is that an impact on the economy or flow of commerce. This is important as it gives the Federal Court jurisdiction over the case.  The interstate commerce clause triggers jurisdiction other areas of criminal law that impact the entire nation, or which need to be centrally regulated to avoid chaos, it is not hard to pick out the areas that will likely be Federal crimes. Here are only a few that involve Interstate Commerce: kidnapping across state lines, organized crime, internet child pornography (violates both federal and local law), threatening a federal public official, interstate drug trafficking, bank robbery, hijacking trucks in interstate commerce, skyjacking, using U.S. Mails for any criminal purpose, and counterfeiting.

Most criminal acts that impact the military will result in federal prosecution, such as any crime on a Military base (including drunk driving), impersonating military personnel, interfering with any military action or function, stealing military property, evading the military draft, taking up arms against U.S. Military personnel, desertion by military personnel, and selling classified information, to cite a few.

Federal crimes could also involve the Post Office also include soliciting funds fraudulently by mail, sending a ransom note by mail, mailing illegal drugs, and mailing toxic or dangerous substances. Other Postal crimes include threatening or harming a Postal Worker, forging or stealing Postal Money Orders, and vandalizing U.S. mail or Post Office premises or property.

Another area where you could face criminal prosecution in Kansas City would be crimes involving the IRS include tax evasion, tax fraud, and failure to withhold federal taxes from a paycheck. Any crime involving Federal benefits will also be a Federal crime. Some examples are forging or stealing a U.S. Treasury check, fraudulently applying for or receiving Welfare benefits, faking a disability to get Social Security long term disability benefits, cashing a Social Security check that comes after the elderly beneficiary dies, and making a false or exaggerated claim for Federal disaster relief.

You can fairly reliably predict what crimes will be federal by just picking a federal agency and imagining a crime against its functions.

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