A Kansas City DUI Attorney Fights to Protect Clients' Legal Rights and Freedom

The fact is, driving while under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance is an offense taken quite seriously today.  Decades ago, those arrested for DUI would pay a fine and get hardly more than a slap on the wrist.  Kansas City DUI attorneys know that today, those convicted face far worse punishment, which may include jail time, steep fines, driver’s license suspension, and a criminal record.

The penalties become more severe for every subsequent offense, so those who are repeat offenders may find themselves in jail for a substantial length of time, facing huge fines and possibly losing their auto insurance coverage.  A Kansas City DUI lawyer is committed to protecting the legal rights and freedom of individuals arrested for driving under the influence.  Attorneys know there are many mitigating circumstances that often work to the client’s advantage, and that many times charges may be dismissed or reduced.

Driving under the influence is a criminal offense in Kansas City.  However, just as others who are accused of assault, domestic abuse or even more heinous crimes are innocent until proven guilty, so are those who are arrested for DUI.  This means that ultimately, you have the right to an attorney who will work to prove you are not guilty of the charges leveled against you.  Even if you took the breath test and failed, it’s important to have a skilled lawyer in your corner.  Results of these tests are not always accurate or reliable for a number of reasons, such as if the equipment isn’t properly calibrated or the arresting police officer did not administer the test properly.

How could the charge against you possibly be dismissed if you are guilty of driving after having a few drinks?  Kansas City DUI lawyers have many defense strategies at their disposal.  Police must follow certain protocol in the course of an arrest.  Blood and/or breath tests must be performed properly.  If police gather evidence in a way that is not legal, stop you without reasonable suspicion or mishandle administering of tests, some evidence may be suppressed – in other words, not allowed in court.

When a DUI attorney in Kansas City cannot have the charges against his client completely dismissed, it is often possible to have the charge reduced to a lesser offense so that the client is not subjected to such harsh penalties.  Protect your legal rights, reputation, and freedom by consulting with a skilled lawyer as soon as you are arrested, before you answer police questions.


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