Lunch Truck Collides With Officer On Kansas City Motorcycle

On Thursday, July 23rd, “The Pig Wagon”, a lunch truck, collided with an officer on a motorcycle.  He was struck from behind by the truck.  Although the officer suffered no injuries, the driver of the truck was taken to a local hospital.  The accident occurred on I-435 near the Stadium exit.

A woman who witnessed the scene stated that a beverage truck was behind her, and swerved to avoid an accident.  This is when the officer was struck by the lunch truck.  Because of the accident, traffic was very slow moving and two lanes from Eastwood Trafficway to the Stadium exit on I-435 were closed temporarily.

Have you been the victim in an automobile or motorcycle accident?  Seek medical attention, then contact a Kansas City personal injury attorney at once.  When someone else causes an accident because of their negligence, you deserve compensation.  There are time limitations in place on how long you have to file a lawsuit, so do not wait.

No matter why the accident occurred, if it was the other party’s fault you have rights.  If you are seriously injured, you may be unable to work.  This puts a financial burden on you and your family, plus the added costs of medical bills.  Whether the driver of the other vehicle was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or simply made an error in judgment, you have rights.  You deserve payment for medical bills, income loss and repairs that must be made to your vehicle in some circumstances.

A reputable Kansas City personal injury lawyer will represent you to insure that you get every dime you deserve for your injuries, medical costs and even pain and suffering.  Insurance companies will often attempt to negotiate with you, in order to pay out less money.  This is not something you must accept, and you deserve full compensation.  An attorney who has vast knowledge of these types of cases will make certain that you are treated fairly.

Personal injury lawsuits cover many different types of accidents.  Whether it is a slip and fall, nursing home neglect and abuse, a dog bite or any other circumstance caused by the carelessness of individuals or corporations, you should seek justice.  Contact a Kansas City personal injury attorney at once to learn what your rights are, and what steps need to be taken to insure you get compensated fully.

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