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Do you need a mediator to help resolve a conflict or dispute?

Are you in need of a skilled Kansas City mediation attorney? At The O’Connor Law Firm, we bring years of unparalleled legal skill and knowledge to the table for our clients. We understand that there are circumstances in which individuals would rather resolve issues in private, without filing a formal complaint. If you are in need of a Kansas City mediator for civil litigation issues, family law or custody disputes, personal injury or to resolve another conflict, you can rely on our firm for exceptional support and guidance.

As a certified Rule 17 mediator, Matthew J. O’Connor offers unmatched experience in many areas of law including personal injury, family law, custody disputes and more. When you are wanting to resolve your issues in complete confidentiality, you can trust The O’Connor Law Firm knowing that your complaints can be resolved in a manner that is private and cost-effective. With years of experience under his belt, Mr. O’Connor is a mediation lawyer who understands that there is a need for alternative solutions that help those involved in a dispute talk things out, so that a settlement that is agreeable to all parties can be reached. In addition, mediation helps to resolve disputes in a way that helps those involved save on lawyer and court costs.

What does a mediation attorney actually do? Rather than litigating in a court of law, a mediation lawyer works to help involved parties resolve legal issues without having to “fight it out” in court. Instead of using legal skill and experience to win a case in court, the mediator helps guide all parties through the process in a way that is less adversarial or abusive.

Whether you’re in need of a Kansas City mediator for civil litigation purposes, a mediator in personal injury, family law or even a mediator to resolve a conflict in Missouri, you can depend on Matthew J. O’Connor to understand the issues, organize them and help all who are involved to put emotions aside and concentrate on the main issues at hand. He will work vigorously to assist all involved parties in coming to an agreement that is satisfactory in an efficient, expedient and fair manner. In addition, you can rest assured that when an agreement is reached, both parties will have a thorough understanding of its terms.

In simple language, legal issues can often be resolved without conflict when the parties involved agree to “mediate” on a voluntary basis. Essentially, an agreement may be met much quicker than you would typically find through the litigation process, at less expense.

Those in need of a capable and fair Kansas City mediation lawyer can rely on Matthew J. O’Connor to be persuasive, efficient and tough, working to resolve legal issues in quick order to the satisfaction of all parties affected. If you are considering a Kansas City mediation attorney in order to avoid a potentially lengthy and costly legal battle, count on the professionals at The O’Connor Law Firm.

At the O’Connor Law Firm, we handle every case as if it were our only case… because to you it is.

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