Should You Hire a Lawyer to Fight a Traffic Ticket?

When people get a traffic ticket, they pay it and move on with their life. In most cases, this is a sensible route. However, other situations may require the assistance of a lawyer. That’s because traffic tickets can have some fairly serious consequences like higher insurance rates and sizable fines.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer to Fight a Traffic Ticket

Skilled Lawyer in Kansas CityA lawyer may be able to get a ticket dismissed. Because of their experience in traffic court, a lawyer can look at your ticket to determine if anything about it is incorrect or missing. If the officer who issued the ticket made some kind of error, your ticket will almost certainly be dismissed.

Even when a lawyer cannot get your ticket dismissed, he may be able to get the fine you owe reduced. Attorneys are skilled negotiators. They’ll use factors like your good driving record and any mitigating circumstances to support their argument that you shouldn’t have to pay the full amount of the fine.

Another good reason to hire a lawyer to handle a traffic ticket is because they are familiar with your rights as a driver. As a licensed driver, you probably have a fairly good grasp of the basics, but your attorney will have more depth of understanding. He will look for factors that may have contributed to the ticket you received, and will argue vigorously for your rights.

Traffic Ticket Defense in Kansas City

You might also consider hiring a lawyer because it doesn’t cost as much as you’d expect. Defending clients against traffic tickets generally doesn’t involve a lot of time or effort. Accordingly, most traffic attorneys charge quite reasonable rates. Defending a client in traffic court simply doesn’t require weeks or months of work the way that other matters do.

Prosecutors also tend to be a bit intimidated by experienced traffic attorneys. They are accustomed to going up against people who are representing themselves and don’t know much about the law. Facing off against a traffic lawyer weakens the prosecutor’s position, making him work harder.

Get the Defense You Deserve

If you’re thinking of fighting a traffic ticket, the O’Connor Law Firm has the know-how to get you the results you deserve. Matthew J. O’Connor has been recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the U.S and he can help to make sure you’re protected.

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