Social Media Defamation

Social media defamation is becoming a huge and growing concern with the explosion of social networking and media sites online today. There have been numerous problems in recent years with individuals and businesses being the victims of malicious and defamatory remarks. At O’Connor Law in Kansas City, we offer social media defamation legal services to help protect your rights and your reputation.

Defamatory statements and remarks can hurt an individual’s reputation and even break up marriages. In the business world, malicious statements and false remarks or allegations can be the ruin of the business. Social media defamation has become a regular occurrence with the growth of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and even personal or company blogs. While much of this chatter is not meant to be harmful or taken seriously, people are often not cautious and there may come a time when a defamation lawsuit is necessary.

Another problem facing users in cyber space today are postings by anonymous sources. Since many of these social media sites, forums and blogs and other networking platforms allow users to use fake screen names and anonymous e-mail addresses, it can be hard to pinpoint your attacker. In these types of cases, it is usually possible to have an ISP or Internet Service Provider to provide information regarding an individual posting under a fake screen name, although it may require a subpoena.

For businesses and individuals alike, it is essential that you protect your character and reputation as much as possible. Still, there are times you cannot prevent vicious attacks and defamatory remarks. It may be necessary to obtain the social media defamation legal services offered by O’Connor Law in order to put a stop to these unflattering statements and remarks. We have the knowledge and experience to put an end to defamation, using aggressive tactics when existing laws are ineffective.

Sometimes all it takes to have a poster remove defamatory material is a strong letter written to the owner of the website if you indeed know who the poster is. At other times, it may be necessary to threaten legal action. Consulting with a Kansas City attorney offering social media defamation legal services can be to your benefit. You will learn what you can and cannot do, and what action we may take to protect your reputation and character online.

Online reputation management is crucial, especially in the business arena. At O’Connor Law, we do whatever it takes to protect your reputation against social media defamation, whether it requires prosecution or pre-litigation negotiations. Contact us today for an evaluation of your case.

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