Stand Your Ground, An Elevated Criminal Defense Statute in Missouri since 2016

Many consider this a controversial bill, however; it was designed in order to protect those that are in eminent danger as a risk reduction and safety factor.

Stand your ground essentially gives individuals the ability to use deadly force in order to protect themselves.  It states that the one under assault does not need to flee the scene in order to protect themselves, they can use force to protect themselves from harm.  

Democrats were extremely against this legislation, however; this can be extremely valuable defense for those involved in a serious altercation.   Finding yourself in a serious physical altercation is extremely scary, and hopefully you don't find yourself in this situation. However, if you are forced to greatly injure or kill someone - the stand your ground law may be applicable depending on your circumstances.

Stand your ground laws have been very controversial since the Zimmerman trial.  This was the trial where Treyvon Martin was wearing a hoodie and carrying skittles and got in to an altercation with George Zimmerman ultimately ending up in Treyvon's demise.

If you have found yourself in a serious altercation which resulted in very serious injury and/or death, this may be an applicable defense for your murder trial in Missouri.

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