Steering Wheel Safety for Kansas City Motorists

Kansas City personal injury lawyers know that most drivers have the steering wheel and seat of their vehicles adjusted in a way that provides the most comfort and ability to see clearly over the dashboard.  However, did you know the distance between your body and the steering wheel can affect the severity of injury you may face if you were to become involved in an accident?

Sitting too close to the steering wheel is dangerous, although you may not have given it much thought.  Have you ever pulled up next to someone at a red light who appeared to be sitting so close to the dashboard their chin would almost rest on it?  While it may look goofy or even have you laughing to yourself, this is extremely dangerous.  Airbags deploy at incredible speeds, and the risk of serious injury is far greater when you almost literally sit on the wheel, your hands just inches from your shoulders.  So, how much distance should you keep between yourself and the wheel?

 Most experts recommend drivers sit approximate 10 inches from the steering wheel.  You can determine this length without using a measuring tape; simply sit with your shoulders back against the seat and place your arms where they are resting on top of the wheel.  If the steering wheel meets your arms in the wrist area, this is considered a safe distance.  Any closer, and you could find yourself with serious injuries related to the airbag or even steering wheel itself if involved in an accident.

It's also a good idea to adjust your steering wheel so that it isn't directly facing your chest or head; this will leave it at an angle facing between these two regions.

Airbags often deploy at speeds greater than 200 miles an hour, so you can imagine the injuries that could occur as a result of sitting too close to the wheel.  While they're designed to provide a measure of protection should an accident occur, they can also be deadly.

If you have been injured in an accident in Kansas City because of another motorist's negligence, protect your legal rights by working with a KC car accident attorney who will fight for the damages you may be entitled to.  Perhaps you suspect your injury was caused by a defective airbag.  Regardless of the situation, it's important to hold any and all parties liable for costs associated with your injury whether an individual, vehicle manufacturer, or other party.

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