Swimming Pool Drowning – Accidents

Has a loved one been injured or lost their life due to a drowning or swimming pool accident?

A child drowning is one of the most devastating things you can experience as a parent. At The O’Connor Law Firm, our swimming pool accident attorneys work aggressively on our clients’ behalf to hold those who were negligent accountable for their actions. Anyone can drown given certain circumstances; when property owners do not take the proper precautions to prevent these risks, they may be held liable. It is important that you consult with a reputable child drowning lawyer right away.

When property owners are negligent in securing their property, those who suffer serious or fatal injuries may file a premises liability claim. Whether you or a loved one sustain serious injuries in a swimming pool accident or someone loses their life, you may be entitled to compensation of costs related to the accident including medical expenses, emotional trauma, funeral costs, lost wages and more. Our swimming pool accident lawyers work hard to pursue justice, investigating the details and doing whatever is necessary to seek the full compensation you deserve.

An experienced swimming pool accidents attorney understands that a child drowning may occur when:

  • Property owners fail to put up a barrier or fence that prevents children from gaining access to the pool
  • A property owner, apartment complex, hotel or other type of property fails to notice potential hazards such as a broken gate or fence latch
  • Commercial properties fail to provide lifeguards to supervise, or post warnings that no lifeguard is on duty
  • Neighbors or other property owners give unsupervised access to a swimming pool to young children

In most cases a child drowning could have been prevented if property owners were diligent in keeping their property safe and secure. Each year, many people lose their lives in these accidents, while others suffer serious and life-altering injuries such as brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Our Kansas City swimming pool drowning attorneys will carefully review your case and uncover any and all evidence of negligence on the part of a property owner in order to determine if you may be eligible for compensation.

Nothing is quite as tragic as a child drowning, particularly because many of these accidents could have been prevented. When you need the services of a capable Kansas City child drowning attorney, rely on The O’Connor Law Firm. We bring many years of experience, skill and knowledge to the table, providing exceptional legal counsel to our clients.

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