What Can a Kansas City DUI Lawyer Do For You When Charged with DUI? More Than You Realize

Many people who are arrested for driving under the influence have no inclination to do anything about it; in fact, most don’t realize that they can fight the charges, with the assistance of a skilled Kansas City DUI lawyer.  If you or a loved one have been charged with DUI, don’t simply plead guilty and take your punishment.  It will have a seriously negative impact on many areas of your life.

What can an experienced Kansas City DUI attorney do for you?  Many things.  First of all, a competent lawyer can help you understand the charges against you, and the penalties you may face if convicted.  Most people become frightened or even panic when facing DUI charges; they have no idea what may happen to them.  Others take it lightly, believing that it is a “minor” offense and that they do not need legal counsel.  Whether guilty or innocent of the charges you are facing, it is essential that you have a qualified DUI lawyer in Kansas City on your side.

Here are a few of the penalties you may face if convicted of driving under the influence in Kansas City:

  1. Loss of your driving privileges
  2. Vehicle impound
  3. Steep monetary fines
  4. Jail time
  5. Increased insurance rates

A caring Kansas City DUI lawyer will listen to your side of the story; many people feel like they are all alone, that no one will listen to the full story.  Your attorney WILL listen, because it helps him gather important details.

Gathering evidence is extremely important in a DUI case.  Kansas City DUI attorneys will challenge the evidence prosecutors bring against you, or collect their own evidence in order to enhance your case and obtain a better outcome. Talented lawyers will also frequently help those accused of driving under the influence avoid a trial if he/she is well-versed in negotiating.  However, if it does become necessary to go to trial, a reputable attorney will defend you by presenting crucial evidence, examining witnesses and asking questions about police procedure, the accuracy of field/breath tests, and more.

Do you need a Kansas City DUI lawyer when you have been charged with DUI?  If you care about your reputation, driving privileges and freedom, absolutely.  Never believe that when you are arrested, you have no other option than to accept the penalties – you do have options, and a skilled attorney will help protect your legal rights.

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