What to Do If You're Arrested for Wire Fraud

Are you or a loved one under investigation for wire fraud? Here's what to do if you're arrested for federal wire fraud and how to find a lawyer for your case.

While the average bank robbery nets the robber only about $6500, a typical wire fraud could amount to double this amount. This is because traditional heists are limited to the amount the robbers can carry each time. However, cybercrooks can carry as much as they want and may even get away with it.

Fraud is a crime that can take many forms. Wire fraud is a crime that is difficult to contain.

In many cases, federal prosecutors will only charge you with wire or mail fraud when they do not have adequate evidence to prove any other crimes. It is also the only crime that is punishable under state laws.

This article will tell you what to do when arrested for wire fraud.

What Is Wire Fraud?

Before we continue, it is important for you to understand what wire fraud is. Wire fraud is a federal offense that is investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, although sometimes, state laws can be applied.

It occurs when a person intentionally or voluntarily use the interstate communication devices like phones, computers, state mail, deposits a check, sends a fax or uses television and radio transmissions with the purpose of defrauding other people off their properties, money and other valuables. It is a serious crime that has serious potential consequences.

You can also be charged for wire fraud if you sue Fed EX, UPS and other interstate carriers.

Penalties for Wire Fraud

If you are found guilty of wire fraud, you may face the following penalties:

  • $250,000 in fines for individuals

  • $500,000 for organizations

  • Jail time of not more than 20 years

  • You may also serve the jail time and pay the fines

If the crime is related to a financial institution or a presidentially declared disaster, you may pay a million dollars fine and get a 30-year jail sentence.

What To Do When Charged With Wire Fraud?

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a good lawyer.  In many cases, the federal prosecutors will try to link the fraud with other crimes.

Calling a criminal defense lawyer will help you understand the charges and what you can do to help your case.

With an expert, you are certain that you will get the best advice and recommendations for the best way forward.

The lawyer will also ensure that thorough investigations are conducted. Most criminal defense lawyers will have a team of experts at their disposal.

These experts will conduct investigations on their own. It will ensure that they are best prepared and have a strategy for the best results.

Getting Started

For prosecutors to get a conviction for wire fraud, they need to prove a willful and knowing intent to defraud. This intent must also have led to the loss of property, money or other valuable items.

Remember that these prosecutors will be aggressive when pursuing such cases and it is common for innocent people to be put behind bars. So, get an equally aggressive lawyer to defend you.

If you are looking for a criminal attorney or need more information on wire fraud, contact us.

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