What to Do if You’ve been in a Car Accident?

No one ever plans on being in a car accident. Preparation and knowledge is the key to minimizing your pain and suffering. Knowing what to do if you are ever involved in a car accident, can ensure that your rights are protected and you are treated fairly.

The O’ Connor Law Firm with the tips on what to do if you’ve been in an automobile accident. These come right from the Missouri Department of Revenue so they are pretty objective tips and you can also look them up on the web if you want a reference later.

Keep in mind that right after an accident you don’t want to admit fault and you don’t necessarily want to accuse the other person either, you should be more interested in gathering information, that is the names of the witnesses, who saw the accident, of course writing down the other drivers name, getting their insurance information, their address if you can, also their telephone number.

Your first concern after that should be seeking medical attention, if you’ve been injured. Now keep in mind for this portion, a lot of people when they are in an accident because of the heightened arousal and excitement from the accident, go into a state of shock. And what that does is it prevents your body from feeling the pain, it allows you body to survive, at least in the short term, through that trauma. Because of that a lot of people make the mistake of not seeking medical attention immediately. So give yourself the opportunity to seek medical treatment, if you are hurt.

If the next day you feel like you’ve got some issues, a soreness or something is not right with your body, be sure to seek medical treatment. Once you have sought medical treatment, also keep a list of symptoms, things that are going on with your body so you can provide that to your follow up physician.  If you have any visible injuries, bruising, scarring, scratches, things of that nature, have a friend take a picture of that as well.

Remember not to make a statement to the other person’s insurance company. A lot of times the insurance company will call you and want to make a recorded statement. Not a good idea following an accident. The details of the accident may not be perfectly clear in your mind and you may want to consult a lawyer before you decide to do anything with an insurance company.

It is certainly your right to settle your case without an attorney but the research shows that people fair better and are treated more equitably if they do hire an attorney to review their case. Especially when you’re talking about settling a case that may give up your rights to bring any lawsuit later and you may not even be aware of the full nature of your injuries. So those are just a couple of the tips to keep in mind if you’ve been injured in a auto accident.

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