What to Do When You’re in a Winter Car Accident

Personal Injury Advice for Winter Driving

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However, winter car accidents can be among the most dangerous that a personal injury lawyer encounters. The short daylight hours and often poor weather conditions make accidents more common and put drivers at greater risk. Keep these tips in mind if you are involved in a winter car accident.

Make certain to keep all vehicles out of the roadway as much as possible. Generally, it’s best to move cars to the shoulder on the right side. Turn on hazard lights to warn other cars. If road conditions are particularly bad, it may be advisable to dial 911. Even if no significant injuries or damages were caused, icy roads can make it hard for other drivers to avoid obstacles. Police can set up effective barriers to ensure safety.

Just as with accidents at any other time of year, it’s important to gather necessary information from all involved drivers. It may also be a good idea to use a cell phone or camera to take pictures of the scene. A personal injury lawyer may use this evidence later. This may be especially helpful to the personal injury lawyer if weather conditions were severe and impacted the collision. When the police arrive, it’s important to make a full report to them. Again, should a personal injury lawyer become involved, they may rely on the report that the police file to help build a case against the at fault driver.

A personal injury lawyer can help drivers claim the compensation they deserve. With the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, people can successfully move on from the devastating effects of a winter car accident.

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