What to Expect After a DUI

Being arrested for a DUI is confusing. As a DUI lawyer, most of the people I represent have never been arrested before. As a result, clients are entirely dependent on the knowledge of their DUI lawyer to help them. Most people draw comfort from having an experienced DUI lawyer and from knowing what to expect.

What You Need to Know About Your DUI

Kansas City DUI Lawyer

An arraignment is typically held the morning after a DUI arrest. You’ve probably spent the previous night in jail, and you may not have hired a DUI lawyer to represent you yet. There’s nothing wrong with not having a DUI lawyer at this stage. A public defender can handle this hearing, entering a plea of not guilty and getting a trial date set.

However, you will want to hire a DUI lawyer immediately after your arraignment if you have not already done so. It’s important to act quickly while events are still fresh in your mind. It will also be easier for your DUI lawyer to obtain any reports or records pertaining to your case before they’ve had an opportunity to get lost. Acting quickly ensures that your DUI lawyer has plenty of time to investigate your case and to perhaps begin to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecuting attorney.

Get Help From a Kansas City DUI Defense Expert

You may need to make a subsequent court appearance at trial if your DUI lawyer and the prosecutor cannot reach an acceptable plea deal or if the charges against you have not been dismissed. An experienced attorney who has handled dozens of DUI cases can capably manage a trial, should one be necessary. Preparing for trial may require quite a bit of your time, particularly if your case is complicated by an accident, injury or death. However, people who are charged with a first time offense, had a lower blood alcohol content and who were not involved in an accident may have a more straightforward case. Regardless, hiring a DUI lawyer is the best way to protect your rights.

Get the DUI Defense You Need

Every DUI case is unique.The O’Connor Law Firm is ready to guide you through the DUI process step by step. Matthew J. O’Connor has been recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the U.S and he can help to make sure you have all of the information you need to come out of your DUI with the best possible results. Call (816) 842-1111 to set up a consultation.

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