What You Need to Know About Dog Custody and Divorce

A divorce lawyer intimately understands the pain associated with ending a marriage. Complex issues must be resolved, and the process is fraught with painful emotions. In recent years, a legal practitioner working as a divorce lawyer has seen a growing trend toward pet parenting plans.

Divorce Lawyer for Pet Owners

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To the non-pet owner such arrangements might seem absurd. However, a divorce lawyer can attest that pet custody is a bitterly contested issue. Dogs and other pets are very much a part of their family, and no one wants to be forced to say good-bye.

It isn’t always easy to understand these issues, but a good divorce lawyer can certainly help to resolve them. First, it’s necessary to understand that the courts consider dogs to be personal property. As such, they do not rise to the level of children, for whom the courts can order custody arrangements. It falls to the divorce lawyer in such cases to help their clients arrive at a pet parenting plan that can be woven into the divorce papers. An experienced divorce lawyer knows that the courts do not object to such plans being in divorce papers, and they can make for an effective method of moving forward.

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help

A number of issues should be discussed with your divorce lawyer before an agreement is reached. Pet parents need to consider who will pay for vet bills and agree to a visitation schedule. Your divorce lawyer can help work through the minutiae of such a plan. For instance, you’ll need to think about who will provide transportation for visitation and where the exchange will be made. Each divorce lawyer plays a role in negotiating these agreements. Both pet parents must agree to all of the terms before they can be included in the final paperwork.

If an agreement cannot be reached, then the court must divide the property. This can bring more acrimony to the proceedings, so it’s best to settle such matters before going to court.

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