What's in a DUI, Anyway? Your Kansas City DUI Attorney Can Help You Answer That Question

DUIs, or “driving under the influence” charges, are no laughing matter. While your first offense may seem like it’s nothing much, think again. Today, everyone from insurance providers to employers take these charges seriously. Get one, and you can find yourself facing not just the loss of your license or suspension of driving privileges temporarily, but serious fines, jail time, and other consequences like job promotion pass-overs for years. If you do get one, you need to take it seriously right away. Kansas City DUI attorneys have the expertise to help you beat those charges if you’re not guilty, and minimize the consequences of those charges even if you are.

What will your Kansas City DUI lawyer do for you?

* Your attorney will tell you not to talk to law enforcement after you’ve been read your rights

The first thing your DUI lawyer will do for you is to tell you not to talk to law enforcement. That’s important, because your attorney needs talk to you before you talk to anyone else. He or she will help build your case for defense based upon what you tell him or her, and if you tell law enforcement anything after you are read your Miranda rights, you could significantly stymie your Kansas City DUI attorney’s efforts to defend you, even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

* Your lawyer will carefully investigate your case and thoroughly interview you, too

Your lawyer needs to get to know you and your case very well in order to be able to defend you in court as necessary. Therefore, expect some pretty hard-nosed and detailed questions from your attorney after you retain him or her to defend you. Cooperate as fully as you can. Your Kansas City DUI lawyer is an expert, to be sure, but he or she can only really help you if you cooperate and do everything you’re told.

* He or she will defend you as fully as possible and make sure you receive due process

If you’re not guilty, your attorney will do everything he or she can to make sure your case is thrown out. Even if you are guilty, though, all is not lost. It’s entirely possible that the facts of your case will allow for much less serious consequences than might otherwise be possible were you not to have skilled representation. Because of that, make sure you contact a Kansas City DUI attorney as soon as you can so that he or she has every resource available – and as much time as possible – to build a good defense for you.

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