Why Hire a Kansas City DUI Lawyer When Charged With Driving Under The Influence?

Why should you hire a Kansas City DUI lawyer when you have been charged with driving under the influence?  After all, it’s no big deal, right?  In fact, it is a criminal offense that carries many different penalties, depending upon whether it is your first offense, third and so on.  The consequences can effect your life and your future much more than you realize.

It is essential that you seek a qualified Kansas City DUI lawyer for legal guidance; you have no idea what you are facing, or how to fight for your rights.  The state of Missouri will immediately begin a process to take away your driving privileges by revoking your driver’s license upon your arrest.  You probably do not realize it, but the length of time your license is taken away depends on whether or not you submitted to a breath test, and whether you appeal the suspension within the required time period.

Being charged with driving under the influence can affect your life in many ways.  Your employer may learn of the charges and decide that he/she doesn’t need an employee with a record, or that it may hurt the reputation of the company.  Your family may feel as though there is a cloud hanging over them; they may feel embarrassed.  Your auto insurance company may raise your rates, you may be forced to pay large fines – and you may lose your freedom by being imprisoned.  By hiring a reputable Kansas City DUI lawyer, your rights are protected and charges could possibly be dropped.

A compassionate DUI lawyer in Kansas City will do everything possible to protect your rights and freedom.  From examining all evidence, including any videos of the stop and the credentials of the arresting officer, to challenging that evidence, a dedicated attorney will work aggressively on your behalf.  A professional who understands how the laws work in regard to driving under the influence knows how to represent you in a way that offers you a far better, more positive outcome.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, rest assured that all is not lost.  An experienced Kansas City DUI lawyer who has represented thousands of clients and helped them reach successful verdicts for decades will do the same for you!  Put confidence, knowledge and expertise on YOUR side – contact a reputable Kansas City DUI lawyer today, before it’s too late.

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