Widow of Slain Clinton, MO Police Officer Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Michael's wife, Cresinda, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against McCarthy in Henry Court, although the specific damages sought by the police officer's wife in the lawsuit have not been revealed in news reports.

What are wrongful death charges in Missouri?  Under state law there are relatives who may bring charges against those who have caused a death in a civil action lawsuit when a loved one dies as the result of the misconduct or negligence of another person.  These relatives may include a spouse, child, parent, sibling, or other plaintiff appointed by the court when no immediate family members exist.  As in most cases, there is a statute of limitations in the state which means charges must be filed within a specified window of time, typically two years from the date a relative or loved one dies unless the victim dies due to medical malpractice, in which case the window of time to file suit increases to three years . 

Why would surviving family members file a wrongful death lawsuit?  When a loved one loses his or her life there are often substantial costs associated with the death.  Examples include funeral/burial expenses, medical costs if the deceased received medical treatment prior to his/her death, lost income, loss of companionship or consortium, and other expenses.  You can imagine the impact if a family member who was the primary income provider for the family dies because of the misconduct or negligence of someone else. 

Death cases are never easy, however it is vital for many survivors to file a lawsuit against those responsible in most cases in order to move forward and have the financial support essential to living a normal life.  An experienced Kansas City wrongful death attorney can answer your questions, provide legal guidance, and help you move forward following the unexpected and unfortunate death of a loved one.

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