You are being investigated for a federal crime

What do I need to know about the investigation for a federal crime in Kansas City? 

There are several critical things that you need to understand if you are currently being investigated for violation of federal law in the Kansas City Metro area.  First, the investigative power of the United States Government is far-reaching and extremely effective.  Second, the skill level of Federal Agents is usually higher than that of State and County Law Enforcement Officers.  Initially, Federal Investigators caseloads tend to be significantly lower than State and County Law Enforcement Agencies.  

Because of these factors, it is extremely important that you make smart decisions.  Never provide a statement to law enforcement officers prior to retaining a lawyer.  If law enforcement officers are questioning you, whether they are state or federal, you should always request that you speak with your attorney.  The law then requires the officers to cease and desists from further questioning until you have been able to consult with your attorney.  Irrespective of any promises, threats, or suggestions that the law enforcement officers may make, you should not make any statement to federal or state officers.  If in fact it is in your best interest to provide a statement, your attorney will be able to work out a resolution or an agreement with the US Attorney’s Office that would provide you some benefit for providing information.  This will be discussed later in the section discussing ability to obtain what is known as a 5K1 downward departure.  For the purposes of this section, please note, it is never in your best interest to become a witness against yourself.

Federal investigators are highly skilled and trained at interpreting body language, voice intonation, other verbal and physical cues that will make it very difficult for you to void having your case harmed by providing a statement.  As a result, we reiterate, that you should never provide a statement against yourself.

Once I have invoked my right to counsel and refused to make a statement 
To Federal Officials what should I do?

As soon as federal law enforcement officer contacts you, you should then begin your search for an attorney.  Please note that you should be careful to screen out any criminal defense lawyers who do not regularly practice in Federal Court.  Many criminal defense lawyers focus their practice on state court.  The rules in Federal Court are quite different than State Court and hiring an attorney who primarily works in State Court can be of detriment to your case.  Further, you should seek to hire an attorney who has practiced at least ten years.  His background and experience will serve your case well.  A number of other factors should be utilized in order to determine which lawyer is best for you.  First and foremost question on your mind is that whether or not the lawyer that you choose makes you feel more comfortable in explaining how the Federal Criminal Justice System works and that the attorney assures you that he will work hard for you and your case.  Another important factor to consider is their past history and track record.  For example, how successful have they been in Federal Court?  Are they well respected amongst and by the Federal Bench and the Federal Prosecutors?  Do they carry a caseload that allows then to pay specific attention to you and your case?  

Our firm has been handling Federal Criminal Defense cases for over ten years. Court TV produced a show “Masterminds” that featured the criminal defense work in Federal Court of lawyer Mathew J. O’Connor.  Mr. O’Connor was featured on the “Masterminds” program for his role in defending the infamous mastermind of the Tivol robbery, Clarence Burnette.  Because of the poor decisions that this client made prior to retaining The O’Connor Law Firm, Mr. Burnette was staring down the barrel of a thirty-year sentence.  Through the work of Mr. O’Connor and The O’Connor Law Firm, his exposure and sentence was dramatically cut.  According to Court TV, Mr. Burnette’s lawyer “threw him a life line.”

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