You Survived A Car Accident. Now What?

Surviving a car accident is a harrowing experience. In the aftermath, you must deal with damage to your property and also any physical injuries you suffered. Some people cannot immediately return to work. Moreover, they may discover that their medical insurance provides inadequate coverage for their care. In any of these instances, hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best strategy.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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It isn’t necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer after every car accident. A minor fender bender that results in little damage probably won’t require legal services. However, anyone who is injured in an accident should at least consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. That’s because insurance companies have a vested interest in paying out as little as possible, and because they have attorneys working for them. Often, people who do not hire a personal injury lawyer feel powerless against an insurance company. They don’t understand their options, and they may think they have to accept whatever settlement the insurance company offers.

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

This isn’t always the case. A personal injury lawyer can fully assess your circumstances to determine whether or not you might need to pursue legal remedies. If the accident you were in seriously injured you and you think you may not be fully healed for an extended period of time, consulting with a personal injury lawyer is advisable. Similarly, collisions in which the other driver was uninsured or did not have sufficient insurance may also require the services of a personal injury lawyer. Whenever it is unclear who caused an accident, or if there is disagreement about the facts, speaking with a personal injury lawyer can certainly help the situation.
Being involved in an accident is bad enough without feeling that you’re being bullied by an insurance company. A personal injury lawyer can explain your rights in the situation, and ensure that those rights are protected. Ultimately, this may mean filing a lawsuit, but many such situations are resolved long before trial.

Get the Help You Need

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