Families often need the legal guidance and support of an attorney who focuses on juvenile law defense, as it is not uncommon for those who are underage to be accused of committing a criminal offense in Missouri.  When you need a family law attorney in Kansas City to provide vigorous representation for your child, count on The O'Connor Law Firm for personal attention and dedication to securing the best possible result.  Juveniles are often better served when given an opportunity to rehabilitate, rather than facing criminal penalties.

Preserve your rights with a Kansas City juvenile law criminal defense attorney

If you are subject to an arrest for a crime, there are several points you should know. You should always request that your juvenile law attorney be present before you speak to the police, and that is your right. Never state aloud or sign any kind of confession, as this information can and will be used by the prosecution against you. No matter what, always contact a Kansas City juvenile charges defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested. You need to know your rights and have an attorney present or providing advice during the initial stages of the event as well as during questioning or interrogation.
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Juvenile Law Charges | Kansas City Juvenile Criminal Law Attorney Matthew O'Connor

Common Juvenile Crimes in Kansas City, Missouri

Those who are younger than 17 are considered juveniles in the state.  Teens of this age often make mistakes without considering the possible consequences to their futures; in many cases they are negatively influenced by their peers.  Some of the most common crimes committed by juveniles include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Assault
  • Theft Charges
  • Drug Charges
  • Theft & Stealing
  • Marijuana Possession
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Battery
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol
  • Sexual Assault

In Kansas City and throughout Missouri juveniles are prosecuted in juvenile court rather than adult court.  However, it is important to note that like adults, youthful offenders do have legal rights that must be protected, as well as legal options in some cases.  It is critical to your child's future to consult with a skilled Kansas City juvenile defense lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in these cases.

Police officers may treat a teen who is 14 or older as an adult; for this reason, it is important your child knows he/she should request an attorney immediately at any point during a police investigation or interrogation.  Additionally, there are some situations in which a judge may order a juvenile be detained for an undetermined period of time, depending on criminal history and the seriousness of the offense he or she allegedly committed.  

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No parent wants to learn their child has been arrested or charged with a crime, however it happens every day.  It is important to make certain your child is treated fairly, and his or her legal rights protected.  At The O'Connor Law Firm our top priority is providing legal guidance, answering your questions, and working to avoid a criminal conviction that could impact your child's future forever.  Contact our firm immediately at 816-842-1111.


Kansas City juvenile law defense attorney, Matt O'Connor

Matt O’Connor was previously a professor of the law of evidence, and he knows what it takes to successfully defend anyone who has been charged with juvenile crimes in Kansas City, Missouri. When you hire his team, you will get unparalleled personal attention and care that you won’t receive from any other law firm.  Matt O'Connor has over 20 years experience in the court room, and has often times been called upon as a legal contributor for programs like the national Fox News channel and many other local Kansas City stations.