If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI in Kansas City, Missouri, you need to act quickly to protect your rights.  If you took the breath test, you only 15 days to file an appeal of the suspension of your license.  Failure to file your appeal within this time will result in the revocation of your driving privilege.  If you refused the breath test, you have only thirty days to file an appeal. Failure to do so will result in revocation of your license for at least one year.

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If you are subject to an arrest for a DUI or Drunk Driving in Kansas City there are several points you should know. You should always request that you speak to your DUI attorney before any tests or speaking to the police, and that is your right. Never state aloud or sign any kind of confession, as this information can and will be used by the prosecution against you. No matter what, always contact a DUI lawyer in Kansas City as soon as you are arrested. You need to know your rights and have an attorney present or providing advice during the initial stages of the event as well as during questioning or interrogation. In most cases, the police miss or ignore evidence as well as facts that can be used to your advantage. Many times, they gather only the information they need to file charges against you. Remember, the police and prosecution are not on your side. Even if you feel your case is not defendable, an evaluation is critical because often times police, investigators and witnesses make mistakes that can be used to your advantage.
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Not all Kansas City DUI attorneys take the time to challenge the case against you.  Some attorneys simply walk you through a plea without checking the police reports, video of the stop, and the certification of the officers. Criminal defense lawyer Matthew J. O’Connor digs deep on each and every DUI or DWI case to make sure that if there is a way to beat the case, he will find it!  Matthew O’Connor will review the materials we have gathered on your behalf which will include any and all police reports, any and all video tapes, if there were videos taken, and materials that you have provided to us.  We will provide you with an analysis as to whether the officers complied with the protocol for a DUI arrest.  We will also provide you with an outline of what to expect when we proceed to Court.

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The cliché that you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to DUI and DWI defense.  Failure to hire a lawyer that fights for your rights may cost you the ability to drive and your freedom! Matthew O'Connor has over 25 years of experience.  This allows you to get better advice and a more effective attorney that works more efficiently on your behalf.  We are confident after a consultation with Mr. O'Connor, you will know the right choice for you.

If you took the breath test and the efforts to appeal the suspension of your license prove unsuccessful, you will be suspended for a 30-day period of time, followed by a 60-day suspension, wherein you will only be allowed to drive to and from work and the like.  It is our recommendation that you consider completing the requirements for reinstatement of your license well in advance of the expiration of your 30-day suspension.  In other words, you will need to complete the Missouri Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program, (S.A.T.O.P.).  You may do this by contacting any certified S.A.T.O.P. administrator.  You may certainly contact Midwest ADP Center at 816-221-8268, among other providers.  Their price is generally similar, however, other locations may prove more convenient to you. 

Once you have contacted a S.A.T.O.P. provider, they will give you an initial screening.  This generally costs approximately $150.00.  Most providers require prepayment for this service.  Once you have completed the screening process, they will provide you with dates and times of any and all classes that you will need to complete in order to have satisfactorily completed this S.A.T.O.P. program component.  Please keep in mind that you should keep copies of any and all receipts you receive through and S.A.T.O.P. provider as well as copies of any certificates of completion.  The S.A.T.O.P. provider is required to transmit your completion of the program to the Missouri Department of Revenue so that the Department of Revenue is aware that you have completed this program.

In addition to completing the S.A.T.O.P. requirement, Missouri law requires that you obtain SR-22 insurance.  It is our suggestion that you engage in price-shopping in this regard as the rates for SR-22 insurance differ vastly among different insurance companies.  You will find that State Farm, and other large insurance providers are quite expensive.  We suggest that you consider a lesser-known company or an independent agency.  Obviously, I am not able to offer any specific endorsement as to which company is better than the other, we leave this to your best judgment.

If you are ever injured as the result of a drunk driving accident, make sure that you consider contacting a Personal injury lawyer to help you meet your legal needs.

Kansas City DUI Attorney, Matt O'Connor

Matt O’Connor was previously a professor of the law of evidence, and he knows what it takes to successfully defend anyone who has been charged with DUI or DWI in Kansas City, Missouri. When you hire his team, you will get unparalleled personal attention and care that you won’t receive from any other law firm.  Matt O'Connor has over 25 years experience in the court room, and has often times been called upon as a legal contributor for programs like the national Fox News channel and many other local Kansas City stations.