Felony crimes and charges in Kansas City are considered more serious than offenses classified as misdemeanors, and result in harsher punishment for those convicted.  Generally speaking, a person who is found guilty of Kansas City felony charges can face more than one year in jail, the maximum punishment for most misdemeanor offenses.  If you have been charged in Kansas City (or surrounding areas) with a felony crime or are being investigated, it is critical to consult with a capable Kansas City felony defense lawyer right away.  The O'Connor Felony Charges Law Firm provides vigorous legal representation and guidance for our clients, working to achieve the best possible result.  Attorney Matt O'Connor has over 20 years of court room experience working on felony cases.

Preserve your rights with a Kansas City Felony Charges attorney

If you are subject to an arrest for a felony crime in Kansas City, MO, there are several points you should know. You should always request that your felony defense attorney be present before you speak to the police, and that is your right. Never state aloud or sign any kind of confession, as this information can and will be used by the prosecution against you. No matter what, always contact a Kansas City felony charges lawyer as soon as you are arrested. You need to know your rights and have an attorney present or providing advice during the initial stages of the event as well as during questioning or interrogation. In most cases, the police miss or ignore evidence as well as facts that can be used to your advantage. Many times, they gather only the information they need to file felony charges against you. Remember, the police and prosecution are not on your side. Even if you feel your case is not defend-able, an evaluation of your felony charges is critical because often times police, investigators and witnesses make mistakes that can be used to your advantage. With a good defense, you may be able to get the charges thrown out or diminished to a lesser charge.
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Examples of Felony Crimes and Charges in Kansas City, Missouri

A felony offense may be charged as a class A, B, C, D, or E, with class A charges being the most serious of all.  Some of the crimes that may be charged as a class A felony include first-degree robbery, murder, first-degree kidnapping, and certain drug offenses. 

Examples of class B felony crimes include first-degree burglary and involuntary manslaughter.

  • Class C felony offenses include some thefts, statutory rape in the second degree, possession of a controlled substance, and first-degree manslaughter which may be charged as a class B or C depending on the circumstances. This also includes other criminal cases.
  • Class D felony crimes include resisting arrest, passing a check with insufficient funds, fraud, domestic assault in the third degree, and more.
  • Class E felony offenses include those that result in injury to someone else due to criminal negligence.  An example of this would be an injury to another person caused by operating a boat while intoxicated.

Missouri Penalties for Felony Convictions

The punishment for those found guilty on felony charges are severe and may include prison time and fines. 

  1. Class A conviction - 10 to 30 years or life in prison.
  2. Class B conviction -  5 to 15 years in prison.
  3. Class C conviction - Fine of up to $10,000 and/or 3 to 10 years in prison.
  4. Class D conviction - Fine of up to $10,000 and/or 1+ to 7 years in prison.
  5. Class E conviction - Fine of up to $10,000 and/or 1+ to 4 years in prison.

Any Kansas City felony offense can result in loss of freedom for those found guilty, along with a criminal record that will negatively impact various aspects of your life including employment, obtaining housing, and more.

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Felony charges in Kansas City, Missouri are the most serious a person can face.  Unfortunately, many people are wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit.  Regardless, it is imperative to work with a Kansas City felony charges criminal defense lawyer who will fight tooth and nail to secure your freedom and reach positive results.  Could your felony charge be reduced to a misdemeanor, resulting in less harsh punishment?  We know you have many questions, and that it is likely the most frightening time in your life.  Contact The O'Connor Law Firm now for a free consultation at 1-816-842-1111.


Kansas City Felony Crimes Attorney, Matt O'Connor

Matt O’Connor was previously a professor of the law of evidence, and he knows what it takes to successfully defend anyone who has been charged with felony crimes or felony charges in Kansas City, Missouri. When you hire his team, you will get unparalleled personal attention and care that you won’t receive from any other law firm.  Matt O'Connor has over 20 years experience in the court room working on felony cases, and has often times been called upon as a legal contributor for programs like the national Fox News channel and many other local Kansas City stations.