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What is considered the crime of perjury in the state of Missouri?  Simply stated, when a person makes a statement at an official proceeding while under oath as a witness he or she knows not to be the truth, it is considered perjury.  Essentially, a witness tells a lie that has some connection to an investigation, lawsuit, or inquiry related to the official proceeding.  If you have been accused of this criminal offense, it is important to know that prosecutors must prove that you intended to mislead the court by lying on the witness stand.  If you remain silent or refuse to give a statement, or make a statement  that is false without intentionally doing so such as in circumstances where you cannot remember or are legitimately confused, it is not considered perjury.  Regardless, it is important to speak with a capable Kansas City criminal defense attorney who will fight to protect your legal rights and provide exceptional legal guidance.  At The O'Connor Law Firm, our goal is to reach positive results for each client we represent.

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If you are subject to an arrest for a crime, there are several points you should know. You should always request that your perjury defense attorney be present before you speak to the courts or investigating party, and that is your right. Never state aloud or sign any kind of confession, as this information will be used by the prosecution of perjury against you. No matter what, always contact a Kansas City perjury lawyer as soon as you are charged or arrested. You need to know your rights and have an attorney present or providing advice during the initial stages and during questioning or interrogation. In most cases, the police or courts miss / ignore evidence as well as facts that can be used to your advantage. Many times, they gather information during court proceedings incorrectly, and many other factors can play in to fighting perjury charges Even if you feel your case is not defendable, an evaluation is critical because often times police, investigators and witnesses make mistakes that can be used to your advantage.
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Is Perjury a Misdemeanor or Felony in Kansas City, Missouri?

In most cases, particularly when charged at the federal level, a person who is arrested for perjury will face felony charges due to the fact that the offense interferes with a criminal proceeding and can influence the outcome of the case.  However, an untrue statement must be "material" to the investigation, lawsuit, or inquiry of the proceeding, as mentioned above.  Additionally, you can only be charged with this offense if you have vowed under oath to tell the truth, and oath taken before an official such as a judge or notary public. No doubt you are familiar with the mantra, "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."  The primary goal of the criminal justice system is to arrive at the truth, so it is understandable that perjury is a serious crime with serious consequences for those convicted.

Penalties for Perjury in Kansas City, Missouri

Depending on whether you lied while under oath as a witness at your own trial, someone else's, or the level of which telling a lie on the witness stand interfered with a proceeding and other factors, the punishment for those found guilty of perjury in Missouri vary and may include fines, probation, a jail term of one year, or up to five years in prison for a federal conviction.  Additionally, someone who perjures at his or her own trial while on the witness stand may face punishment that is even more severe.

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Perjury is a serious criminal offense, and one that is highly complex as well depending on the situation.  It is critical that those arrested or under investigation seek the legal guidance and representation of a skilled Kansas City criminal defense attorney right away in order to determine the strength of the allegations against you, potential legal options, and whether it may be possible to have charges dismissed or reduced through a plea agreement rather than proceeding to trial.  We urge you to contact The O'Connor Law Firm immediately for a free consultation at 816-842-1111.


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Matt O’Connor was previously a professor of the law of evidence, and he knows what it takes to successfully defend anyone who has been charged with perjury in Kansas City, Missouri. When you hire his team, you will get unparalleled personal attention and care that you won’t receive from any other law firm.  Matt O'Connor has over 20 years experience in the court room, and has often times been called upon as a legal contributor for programs like the national Fox News channel and many other local Kansas City stations.