Kansas City Family Law Attorney, Matt O'Connor

Division of property, child custody issues, spousal support and visitation are a few of the areas that are important when you and your spouse can no longer live together.

In matters of family law, a Kansas City family law attorney with our team will help ensure the issues such as child support, guardianship, name changes and more are handled properly and in your best interest.

Over 25 years of experience in and out of the court room.  One of the most seasoned trial attorneys in all of Kansas City.

Helping you make a better life with quality Kansas City family law services

At the O’Connor Law Firm, Matt O’Connor considers the unique needs of your family and work to determine the most appropriate approach to family law. Whether you are in need of custody assistance, a Kansas City divorce attorney or Reach out to Matt to see if his legal counsel can make a better life for you and your family. The best family law attorney choice in Kansas City to maintain stability and quality results thru this trying time in your life.
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When you choose a Kansas City divorce lawyer, it is imperative that there is clear and consistent communication throughout the case. You may need personal counsel, and you want to avoid choosing legal counsel in Missouri that will simply pass you off to an assistant or push you through an assembly line of clients. Here is what one client had to say about The O’Connor Law Firm:

“I have had three Kansas City attorneys before finally finding Matt. He is the first one that really fought for me and took the time to understand why the issues were so important. I was so pleased with his work that I sent a copy of a letter he sent to a relative that remarked, “Finally! You have someone that is fighting for you.”

Our Kansas City family law attorney Matt O'Connor can assist in the following situations:

Matthew O'Connor is a talented Kansas City divorce attorney who is 100% dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for you (our clients). Our divorce lawyer understands that even though you are going through an extremely difficult milestone in your life, you want your family to remain intact as much as possible. Our goal is to bring our experience, skill and dedication to our clients who need effective representation in a divorce, and to provide effective and sound legal guidance. Consultations are a fee of $300, but if you retain our services that amount is automatically credited to your retainer. (Learn more reasons by Matthew is one your best attorney choices in Kansas City)

Your Kansas City Divorce Doesn't Need a 'Bulldog'

Often clients may assume that an aggressive or “bulldog” Kansas City lawyer is best for their divorce. That is not accurate. Often the aggressive or overly confrontational lawyers end up driving up the cost of the divorce and could add to the emotional injury in the divorce by exacerbating the already sensitive time with tactics that leave a bitter taste. There is a difference between aggressive and assertive that is very important when choosing a divorce lawyer.

There is already plenty of aggression inherent in the divorce process. You should consider a divorce lawyer that will stand their ground for you and work to achieve reasonable goals in your divorce. We can’t take away the pain, but we can keep you from suffering more because of an unnecessarily hostile proceeding.

We will help you stand your ground and resolve the matter effectively and efficiently. Divorce is painful enough already. Don’t add to it by being lured into a gutter match that will leave you feeling dirty and broke.

Let us keep you focused on preserving your financial security and working toward a more peaceful future. Our consultations have a fee of $300, but it is credited to any advance fees should you retain our services. Divorce proceedings can’t fix the harm you have already suffered, but it can prevent future harm (Learn more about why Matthew O'Connor is one of the best Kansas City attorneys available to assist you in this trying time).


Make your family law issue, or divorce as simple as possible by partnering with O'Connor Law

Kansas City Divorce lawyer Matt O'Connor focuses on protecting your interests and works toward a positive outcome. This requires not only a skilled negotiator but an attorney experienced in trial matters.

Matthew O'Connor's legal counsel can help make what are often complex issues simpler and less stressful.

Contact Matt today to learn how a traumatic time in your life can be soothed through sophisticated counsel.