When spouses separate or end a marriage, understanding divorce law or those regarding legal separation can be difficult.  Marital issues are often complex, not to mention stressful and filled with emotion.  One spouse may want a divorce, while the other does not.  In some marital situations the court may order a legal separation rather than divorce.  Whether you are the spouse who desires a divorce or legal separation or not, it is vital to work with a family law attorney in Kansas City who is experienced and skilled regarding these matters.  At The O'Connor Law Firm, we work vigorously to protect your best interests and secure the desired outcome.

Preserve your rights during legal separation or marital separation

Legal Separation has a vast number of similarities to a divorce, and having the correct attorney to handle your case can make a major impact on your benefits or division of assets. During legal separation, child custody needs to be overseen and decided upon as well.
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Common Reasons for Legal Separation Rather Than Divorce in Kansas City, Missouri

Some spouses don't agree, while in other marital situations both spouses prefer a legal separation instead of divorce.  The primary reasons couples choose to separate include:

  • Religious beliefs.  Certain religions are strict in their views regarding divorce, and a legal separation allows spouses to be considered married in the eyes of the church.
  • Personal reasons.  In many cases, spouses are not absolutely certain about the dissolution of their marriage, but prefer to live apart and separate financial responsibilities until the point they determine to either reconcile, or file for divorce.
  • Medical insurance coverage.  Some couples choose to separate rather than divorce so that one spouse or the other is provided with medical insurance coverage.

There are many reasons spouses choose to divorce or prefer a legal separation.  This allows spouses to experience living life alone and realize what divorce would be like while still remaining married.  Regardless of which direction you ultimately decide to go in, it is vital to have a Kansas City divorce attorney in your corner to protect your rights and ensure your voice is heard.

The legal aspects of legal separation are much like those of divorce in terms of spousal or child support, division of assets, or child custody/parenting plans.  Even if you choose not to divorce, both parties must come to an agreement on these issues or have the court make the decisions.

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It is not unusual for one spouse to want a divorce while the other prefers to remain married and separate instead.  There are specific circumstances that allow you to obtain a divorce even when your spouse does not want a divorce, such as months of abandonment or proving he/she committed adultery.  At The O'Connor Law Firm, our goal is to help you reach your objective in a way that is the least stressful and most beneficial to you and your family.  Contact our family law firm now at 816-842-1111.


Kansas City Legal Separation & Marital Separation Attorney, Matt O'Connor

Matt O’Connor was previously a professor of the law of evidence, and he knows what it takes to successfully defend or assist anyone who is dealing with family law issues.  When you hire his team, you will get unparalleled personal attention and care that you won’t receive from any other law firm.  Matt O'Connor has over 20 years experience in the court room, and has often times been called upon as a legal contributor for programs like the national Fox News channel and many other local Kansas City stations.