Kansas City Back and/or Neck Injury from a Car Accident in Kansas City, MO

Have you sustained a back or neck injury from a car, truck or SUV accident in Kansas City, Missouri?  Unfortunately back and neck injuries are all too common given the seriousness of accidents.  Humans weren’t made to travel at such major speeds, and the neck and upper back are the most common injuries in auto accidents since your neck isn’t supported enough during the collision. Even minor auto accidents can result in neck and back pain that is mild to moderate to extremely severe.

Obtain the compensation you deserve with a Kansas City back and neck injuries attorney

At the O’Connor Law Firm, you receive the knowledge of one of Kansas City’s most experienced Kansas City neck injury attorneys, specializing in neck and back injuries. You will obtain the security of knowing you are being represented by a personal injury lawyer who gives his clients an unparalleled level of quality, care and personal attention. With over 20 years of court room experience, you know you aren't simply obtaining a lawyer that wants to settle outside of court to make a quick dollar. Matt O'Connor fights to get you the top settlement possible. Contact us for a free consultation in our office, or I will come to you if you are bed ridden or in the hospital.
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Perhaps you were hit by a car, truck, SUV or worst yet an 18 wheeler.  The circumstances and severity of your accident heavily weigh on your potential monetary compensation.  Many factors must be taken in to account when fighting a personal injury claim, of which a few include:

  • Actual Damages (to your vehicle)
  • Vehicle depreciation value (vehicles in accidents sell for less than a those without a collision on their record)
  • Lost wages if unemployed for a period of time
  • Loss of future income (either partial or complete loss of employment)
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Medical Expenses (previous and future estimated costs)
  • Any special economic losses due to the timing or any other factors from the injury
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Physical impairment
  • Loss of irreplaceable items
  • Loss of family member (wrongful death if applicable in your accident)
  • Loss of social or educational expenses (if applicable)
  • Pain and Suffering / Mental Anguish (the more serious and long lasting the injuries, the higher this will be)
  • Other special damages may apply depending on your unique circumstances

 Why choose The O’Connor Law Firm, PC?

Matthew O’Connor has successfully worked with personal injury clients for over 20 years.  Mr. O’Connor has over 23 years of experience as a trial attorney.  During this time he has been working in the court room fighting for his clients’ rights and proper reimbursement & compensation.   Matthew O’Connor is a well-respected attorney in his niche industry of personal injury and criminal law.  You may have seen him unknowingly on the National Fox News Network as a legal analyst, or on the Dr. Phil show representing a popular case.   He has successfully represented numerous clients and acquired millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements for his personal injury victims. 

When you hire Matthew O’Connor, you aren’t obtaining a Kansas City car accident attorney that only wants to settle your case outside of the court room for a quick dollar... Beware of the majority of personal injury attorneys that are simply the assembly line of the personal injury world, and apply very little work to obtain their clients’ compensation.  These lawyers will only communicate via a few letters or transmittals and then settle.  The sad fact about these types of lawyers is that when keeping the door open to court room litigation (if necessary) can go a long way in obtaining a better case settlement for you or your family member.  Mr. O’Connor’s outlook is that you pay attorneys for a reason, and your attorney should fight for you as if they are fighting for their own family members’ case.  Matthew O’Connor approaches each Kansas City, MO back and neck injury case from the standpoint that he will take your case to trial.  Doing this lets the defendant (insurance company and/or defendant) know from the start that your case is to be handled extremely seriously, which helps you ensure that you can obtain the best possible settlement for your case.

Contact Matthew O’Connor today for a free consultation.  You can come to our physical office, or if needed Mr. O’Connor is happy to come to you in the hospital or at home if you are not able to travel.  Remember; don’t settle for a cookie cutter attorney that isn’t experienced.  The insurance companies research out your case thoroughly and even often even research the attorney you are working with to determine how much you will settle for.  They always try to low ball settlement, and Matthew O’Connor understands how insurance companies work and will fight aggressively (even if it means going to trial) to get you the compensation you truly deserve.


Kansas City Back Injury Attorney & Missouri Neck Injury Lawyer, Matt O'Connor

Kansas City back and neck injury lawyer Matt O’Connor has over 20 years of experience in the court room and has been honored as a Superlawyer in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.  He is not like your average injury attorney, he has been commonly shown as a legal analyst on national news stations such as Fox News due to his wealth of knowledge and success as a criminal defense and personal injury attorney and neck injury lawyer. Mr. O'Connor is changing the way his clients feel about lawyers. If you are injured, give Mr. O'Connor's office a call or contact us through our online form.  You will deal directly with Matt O'Connor and his talented staff.  Mr. O'Connor handles all cases himself, and prides himself on running a very excellent law firm with personalized service.