Rear end collisions often result in serious injuries to those who are struck from behind.  You may be waiting at a stoplight or stop sign, or your vehicle may simply be slowing as the person in front of you makes a turn, when you notice a vehicle zooming toward the back of your car at a speed that makes your heart race.  While rear end collisions are extremely common, those who are victims deserve compensation when they suffer serious injury.  When you need a skilled personal injury lawyer in Kansas City you can count on for personal attention to your case, choose The O'Connor Law Firm.

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At the O’Connor Law Firm, you receive the knowledge of one of Kansas City’s most experienced rear end collision attorneys, specializing in rear end crash injuries. You will obtain the security of knowing you are being represented by a personal injury lawyer who gives his clients an unparalleled level of quality, care and personal attention. With over 20 years of court room experience, you know you aren't simply obtaining a lawyer that wants to settle outside of court to make a quick dollar. Matt O'Connor fights to get you the top settlement possible. Contact us for a free consultation in our office, or I will come to you if you are bed ridden or in the hospital.
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Rear End Collisions / Crash Resulting in Injury | Kansas City Attorney

When you are rear ended or involved in a crash resulting in injury, it is often because another motorist is distracted or not paying attention.  Texting, talking on a cell phone, inserting a CD or switching the radio station, even engaging with passengers in a conversation can take a driver's attention away from the road and vehicles in the surrounding area.  When someone hits you from behind, it is almost always the fault of the motorist in the back.  We work aggressively to collect the damages you deserve for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other costs related to your injuries.

Causes of Rear End Collisions in Kansas City Missouri

Other than a motorist being distracted, there are other common causes of rear end crashes including:

  • Tailgating
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Reckless or drunk driving
  • Speeding

Nearly everyone knows that motorists who are struck from behind often claim "whiplash," and while this may seem a joke this is in reality a very common injury.  When a vehicle is stopped and another vehicle crashes into that vehicle from behind, the slamming forward action of the head and neck can result in serious injuries.  Other common injuries include:

  • Broken bones in the hands, feet, spine, skull, or rib cage
  • TBI (Traumatic brain injury)
  • Spine or brain injury resulting in paralysis
  • Facial scarring or disfigurement

Any crash resulting in injury should be brought to the attention of a qualified KC injury attorney right away so your case can be reviewed and a legal strategy devised.

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Rear end collisions occur every day, and are some of the most common types of car accidents across the nation.  If you are the victim of someone who was driving in a reckless manner, speeding, or simply not paying attention, we urge you to contact The O'Connor Law Firm now.  You may be eligible for damages, and those who were negligent should be held responsible.  Call us today at 816-842-1111 for a free consultation, and rest assured of capable, confident legal guidance and representation.

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