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Toxic mold is all too common, unfortunately, and may exist in private homes, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, or other structures.  Many people become sick or develop toxic mold syndrome after being exposed over a period of time, not knowing what is making them experience nausea, aches, shortness of breath, dizziness, and other symptoms.  If you have become ill after being exposed to mold spores, it is important to work with a qualified personal injury lawyer in Kansas City who can help determine what parties may have been negligent, resulting in your illness.  At The O'Connor Law Firm we provide exceptional legal guidance and representation, helping those who have been injured because of others' negligence secure the compensation you may deserve.

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At the O’Connor Law Firm, you receive the knowledge of one of Kansas City’s most experienced Kansas City toxic mold illness attorneys, specializing in toxic mold injuries or illnesses. You will obtain the security of knowing you are being represented by a personal injury lawyer who gives his clients an unparalleled level of quality, care and personal attention. With over 20 years of court room experience, you know you aren't simply obtaining a lawyer that wants to settle outside of court to make a quick dollar. Matt O'Connor fights to get you the top settlement possible. Contact us for a free consultation in our office, or I will come to you if you are bed ridden or in the hospital.
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Sick Building Syndrome in Kansas City, Missouri

There are a wide array of respiratory diseases and deadly conditions that may result due to exposure to mold and bacteria.  While you may think toxic mold only exists in older structures, this is not the case given the fact that today's homes and commercial buildings are designed to be "tight" for energy efficiency purposes, which means they often lack sufficient fresh ventilation.  When a home or business is contaminated with toxic mold or other bacteria, it is often referred to as a "sick home" or building.  You may or may not have heard of sick building syndrome, however these structures often cause those who live or dwell in them to develop long-term respiratory illnesses or even worse.  

Who is responsible when you have been exposed to toxic mold?  It depends.  You may be renting an apartment, condo, or house from the property owner, or you may be employed and work in an environment where toxic mold is present without even knowing it.  A landlord, property owner, or property manager could be held liable depending on the situation.  Parties who are responsible for maintaining a safe property may have been negligent.  Because of the complexity of these types of cases it is important to consult with a Kansas City personal injury attorney who is familiar with and experienced in cases involving toxic mold.

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When you have become ill due to toxic mold exposure, you will likely face costs for medical treatment.  You may be unable to work due to your illness, either for the short or long term.  As a victim, you should not have to shoulder the costs of medical care, lost income, emotional trauma, and other related expenses.  At The O'Connor Law Firm we give every client the personal attention you deserve, working aggressively to determine all parties who may have been negligent in order to collect the damages you are entitled to.  If you or a loved one have become sick or developed toxic mold syndrome, contact our law firm now for a free consultation at 816-842-1111.


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Kansas City toxic mold lawyer Matt O’Connor has over 20 years of experience in the court room and has been honored as a Superlawyer in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.  He is not like your average injury attorney, he has been commonly shown as a legal analyst on national news stations such as Fox News due to his wealth of knowledge and success as a criminal defense lawyer and mold sickness or illness attorney. Mr. O'Connor is changing the way his clients feel about lawyers. If you are injured, give Mr. O'Connor's office a call or contact us through our online form.  You will deal directly with Matt O'Connor and his talented staff.  Mr. O'Connor handles all cases himself, and prides himself on running a very excellent law firm with personalized service.