We are extremely happy to have Michael Albani as an integral part of the O'Connor Law Firm.  His in depth experience in law and his energy for the firm are essential to providing the highest quality service to our clients. - Matt O'Connor

Michael J. Albani, A Stellar Attorney

Michael J. Albani is the Litigation Director and Trial Counsel of The O'Connor Law
Firm, P. C. His practice focuses on personal injury civil litigation as well as criminal


A graduate of the University of Kansas- School of Law, Michael has clerked with one of the nation’s most preeminent products liability firm and the Office of the Leavenworth County Attorney. He has over half a decade of experience representing individuals inured by the neglect or wrongful acts of others.

He firmly stands on the principal that injured individuals and their families deserve the same

quality representation as large insurance companies and knows an aggressive, skilled and experienced trial attorney ensures individuals injured from auto accidents, bike accidents, trucking accidents, medical negligence, slip and falls, wrongful death, civil rights abuse and police misconduct can receive their claim’s value claim.

Michael’s considerable knowledge, experience, intense personal investment, as well as his quick wit, guide his client’s through complex legal issues.

University of Kansas- School of Law- 2013
University of Kansas- 2010

Missouri Bar Association 2013

Kansas Bar Association 2014