What Documents Do You Have To File When You Get a Divorce?

This video explains Dissolution Required Documents and Terminology. Matt O'Connor, trial attorney in Kansas City, explains what terms mean and how they fit into the process of a divorce.

The Basics of a Personal Injury Claim

Matt O'Connor discusses the basic ideas and principles of how a personal injury claim works as they apply to personal injuries and auto accidents.

What is absolute & qualified immunity

Matt outlines the differences between absolute and qualified immunity. He provides background into why these are as they are.

Federal Criminal Conspiracies & Conspiracy to Commit a Crime

What is a conspiracy to commit a crime? Matt provides insight into how federal statutes define as an act to commit criminal conspiracy.

Matt O'Connor on Dr. Phil

Matt appears on Dr. Phil to present arguments related to a custody dispute involving the cult Fellowship of the Martyrs.

Nifong Hearing Discussed on Fox News

Attorney Matt O’Connor appears on the cable news channel Fox News to explains his views on sending the ex-prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case to jail.

What is a suspended imposition of sentence, & the implications?

Kansas City criminal defense attorney Matt O'Connor discusses suspended imposition of sentence, suspended execution of sentence, and the implications of each.

Tivol Heist

Matt contributes his understanding of the greatest jewel heists in Kansas City history. He discusses his former client in the case and how the crime was planned.

Firefighter Indicted

After a North Kansas City firefighter is indicted on federal child pornography charges, Matt stands up for his innocence.

Hurricane Relief

An NBC news affiliate highlights how a daughter’s question led to much needed relief for Hurricane Katrina victims.

How to ask lawyers questions

With more than 20 years of legal experience, Matt explains how you should speak with a lawyer and how you should organize yourself before meeting with or contacting one.

When do your Miranda Rights attach?

Kansas City, MO attorney Matt O'Connor explains how your Miranda Rights work and when they are legally attached.

Final O'Connor Law Commercial

Kansas City Criminal and Civil Litigation attorney Matt J. O'Connor

When & why to invoke Miranda Rights

Matt explains when and why you should invoke your Miranda Rights.