Med Employee Falsely Accused of Setting Fire


A respiratory therapist was charged and convicted of arson. She was sent to prison, but received a retrial due to her previous attorney being ineffective.

Conviction overturned, woman acquitted and found not guilty.

Pregnant Woman Loses Unborn Child in Accident

Personal Injury

A pregnant woman suffered injuries in a car accident, but the worst she suffered was that of losing her unborn child. She was tempted to settle with an insurance company.

Recovered the maximum possible amount of $300,000.

Defendants Become Plaintiffs in Lawsuit

Class Action

A group of individuals faced the possibility of exposure as defendants in a complex class action lawsuit. Matt carved out a subgroup of plaintiffs.

Liability removed, plaintiffs received proceeds of suit.

Attorney's errors had led to life in prison

Sentence Reduction

A man involved in a Kansas City jewel heist, which netted $3 million, was convicted of federal conspiracy charges. The man was sentenced to life in prison

Sentenced reduced to five years and time served.

High School coach faced felony marijuana charge

Drug Charges

A high school coach was charged with possessing marijuana after a police search of his home uncovered its presence. The felony charge came nearly a year after the search.

Jurors acquitted the coach and found him not guilty.